The Peabody is Home to Some Very Lucky Ducks
February 6, 2008


Peabody Hotel, Here We Come!
News Item  Greg and I visited Memphis, Tennessee on business and had the pleasure of spending some time at the world famous Peabody Hotel. The Peabody is most famous for a group of Mallard ducks who inhabit the lobby's main fountain everyday from 11:00am until 5:00pm. They are led by Duckmaster Jason Sensat from their rooftop "Duck Palace" down the elevator to the lobby floor, where they march to the fountain. At the end of the day they repeat the march in reverse and return to their rooftop home for the night.

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According to the Duckmaster, these ducks were just 5 weeks old and had only been performing the routine for two weeks! They catch on fast, and it didn't hurt that their morning breakfast was waiting in the fountain.

Some reports say that before the ducks, alligators and turtles were originally tried in the fountain without success, but according to the Memphis hotel's own accounts, it began as a prank and turned into a tradition that's lasted since the 1940's. Back in the day, it was legal to use live duck decoys for hunting. After a day of hunting and indulging in Tennessee sippin' whiskey (a.k.a. Jack Daniels), the hotel manager and a friend decided to leave the decoys in the lobby fountain. The next morning a crowd had gathered and the response was so great that the ducks became a permanent part of the hotel's history. The Hotel is listed on the National Trust Historic Hotels of America. The Peabody is a wonderful place to visit or stay when you are in Memphis.

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For Peabody Hotel Information: There are two other Peabody hotels located in Orlando Florida and Little Rock Arkansas that carry on the proud tradition of the daily Duck March that started in Memphis.

This elevator is off limits to people with the exception of the Duckmaster!

The stairs are put into position while the ducks make the journey from their rooftop home

The stairs are taken away and the ducks are in the fountain

Here I am with Jason Sensat, who is only the fourth person to hold the Duckmaster title since 1941

The world famous Peabody Ducks have their very own "Ducks Palace" on the roof

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