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Sebastian the pampered duck
Sharon Demeola, Clifton, New Jersey, USA
This is the story of Sebastian, a very special duck who was "dumped" by a very cruel and stupid person. Thank Goodness for people like Sharon or Sebastian wouldn't have survived. Here's her beautiful story:

Sebastian is a special needs pet, she is handicapped. I found Sebastian in the city street when she was a tiny yellow duckling, someone threw her out like she was garbage. She had cuts & scrapes all over her tiny body and she was also handicapped. Her legs bend and she could not walk, when I picked her up we just bonded immediately, I took her to the doctors but they wanted to put her down. I just could not let that happen she was just so cute and so full of life. All she needed was food and a loving home someone who could give this handicapped baby duckling constant care...Well that someone turned out to be me because nobody wanted her.

Well I had no idea how to care for a baby duck no less one with special needs. With food, lots and lots of loving Sebastian is now almost 8 years old. I have given up my life for this duck, there are no vacations, I took on a part time job just so I don't have to be away from her for so long. I just won't leave her with anybody, no one knows how to care for Sebastian like I do. I know every quack sound she makes and what she wants. She takes a bath everyday, she sleeps in her playpen on baby comforters blankets and I have to wash 2 loads of blankets every day I even give her pedicures. I love this duck and she loves me so much, we kiss everyday because we are so happy to see each other. She is my baby. I never knew ducks could be so smart loving and funny she makes me laugh every day. Sebastian is very lucky to have me for her mother. I am very patient with her even when she doesn't let me sleep. I thank God every day that she is with me.

Sharon & Sebastian

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