Give your exciting new pet a healthy start by providing everything he needs.

 Food: Starter food with 16-18% protein or non-medicated scratch until they are grown. Never give bread or bread products. Keep drinking water nearby during feeding because ducks can't chew and wash their food down with water.

 Water: Large reservoir type is best. Get two so you never leave the duckling without water during daily cleaning. Many are top shelf dishwasher safe. For swimming, a kiddie pool with water no deeper than they can stand up in is perfect. Provide an entrance and exit ramp to prevent injury. Best to wait a couple weeks before giving them unlimited access to water because they can get chilled.

 Housing: Ducklings grow quickly, so buy an extra large cage with plenty of room for a heat lamp, water supply and bin feeder. An exercise pen (like dogs use) for supervised daytime use is good.

 Bedding: Soft cloths, towels, baby blankets or hay is recommended. Don't use newspaper, cedar chips, pine bedding or small animal bedding they can ingest or lose footing on.

 Warmth: A heat source is strongly recommended for the first 2-3 weeks. Make sure your duckling has room to move away if it gets too hot.

 Feeder: A small plastic bin feeder works well. Metal are fine too, cover sharp edges with duct tape to prevent beak injury.

 Snacks: Cracked corn, fruit, peas, meal worms, night crawlers, fresh finely chopped greens and vegetables. NO junk food, bread, crackers, popcorn, sweets, chips or people food. Never feed any form of seeds or nuts.

 Toys: Your duckling will feel more secure with a soft, washable plush toy. Get the kind a dog, cat or baby would like.

• Educate yourself about your duck's needs to insure a longer, healthier life.

• Domestic ducks need daily attention. They are playful, can learn simple tricks and their name.

• Make playtime a daily ritual. Have fun getting to know your new friend!

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