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When looking for duck care in general, using the keywords "duck care" will bring up thousands of websites.

If you need specific health care, such as more information on wheezing, try looking for "duck wheezing symptoms". That would bring up some websites that might contain complex medical information, but also include important terminology like "Aspergillosis", which is a medical condition that displays those symptoms.

From there, try your next search for "duck Aspergillosis symptoms treatment".

Most websites won't be helpful, but they might clue you in to a key word that leads to a more focused search and better results on the next try.

Your browser probably has a "find" feature, which highlights the keywords you specify, so the words are easier to spot on long webpages.
  * Internet Explorer: Edit | Find on This Page)... [Ctrl+F]
  * Netscape Navigator: Edit | Find in Page [Ctrl+F]

Searching isn't really all that complicated, but you may have to put on your thinking cap to narrow the focus.

Use the search engine's own "Search Tips" link to learn better ways to search.

Be prepared to see websites that contain disturbing images and descriptions of ducks. On the plus side, be prepared to learn ALOT about ducks. There is a tremendous wealth of information on the Internet now, and most if it is FREE to you, the "end user".

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