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Name: Lisa H.
Location: Idaho, USA
Number: 2
Breeds: Cayuga & Khaki Campbell
Names: Raessa & Aragorn

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I'd done lots of research on proper duck care, and I begged my parents for about 2 years to let me get some ducks, and finally they said yes! So that winter, we built their house and in early spring we built their pen, and on April 23, 2004, I finally got my ducks.

Experiences: I originally had 3 ducks, but one (her name was Jolonna) was eaten by an owl on July 14, 2004. We had never had a problem with owls before (our cats stay outside all night and not one was EVER eaten). I was devastated, but in order to protect the other two, we started locking them in their house at night. We now have netting across the top of the pen so that they are safe from EVERYTHING (we have electric wire going around the bottom so that nothing can dig under). I just wish we had thought about owls before Jolonna was killed.

Care: My ducks live in a pen in our yard. They swim in an old horse trough (it has a ramp leading up and into it for easy access). Swimming is probably their favorite thing to do, besides eat of course! They are particularly fond of tomatoes, wheat, and all sorts of bugs. Whenever I come out and I have something in my hand (like a tomato or something) they start quacking real loud until I give them a piece! They love to eat from my hand, and it's fun for me. It's also fun to watch them hunt for bugs--their tails wiggle and wiggle!!

Resources: A book that really helped me was "Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks" by Dave Holderread. Also, going to Google and typing in "Duck Care" or something to that effect will give you lots of good websites and for more, go to the "Links" page on all of those websites. I have about 30 good duck care websites bookmarked.

Advice: Ducks are really messy (especially when they're little). I kept my babies inside for the first few weeks, and if you do the same, an air freshener would be a wise investment. Now that they're full grown, they are outside, and they can be a lot of work. You have to change the water in their pond frequently and give them lots of attention (they love it when I just sit in their pen and talk to them), but they are so much fun. I have absolutely no regrets about getting ducks and I'm considering getting another to replace the one I lost.

What my duck would say: Aragorn and Raessa would say, "MORE TOMATOES!"
• 08-12-04

Name: Teresa Wiggins
Location: Arthur, Tennessee (USA)
Number: 1
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Gracie

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I had done alot of research on ducks and ducklings online recently, but had always wanted one since I was a little girl. One day in April 2004, I was in the flea market, not even thinking about ducks at the moment...and there she was in a cardboard box, looking up at me as if to say, "Mommy, thank god you found me. Will you please take me home now?" She was just one week old and we fell in love with her immediately.

Experiences: Having Gracie around has been the most wonderful experience for my whole family (other pets included)and she is certainly a one of a kind girl! She is a beautiful, white Pekin duck with a very unique "puff" (per say)of feathers on the right side of her head that looks like a little white ducky hair bow. I have threatened to dye it hot pink several times, to my familys utter amusement!

Care: Gracie lives mainly in our little fenced in yard, safe from predators. But when I can get her diapered, she is in the house too. She has a cage outside that she sleeps in. The cage houses her favorite stuffed animals, food and water. Gracie swims in her very own yellow baby pool with a step side that she loves to sit on and clean herself. We are currently building her a pond with a waterfall of her very own. She eats unmedicated duck/chick pellets from our local coop and also fresh greens, carrots and tomatos from our garden when she decides too. :-)

Resources: has been invaluable to me, just as is. They have a wonderful website and I encourage any duck owner to please check them out.

Advice: Love your ducks! Be sure you have the time and attention to give them before you commit to them. Do your research and prepare before bringing them home.

What my duck would say: "I love you mommy", "Thanks for giving me a place to call home."

Re: Live Ducks: Wonderful, informative, terrific! You're doing everything right in our book!!!
• 08-12-04

Name: Jaimie Hazen
Location: Sussex/NJ/USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Olivander

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I first aquired "Olivander" by stopping at a local poultry farm saving him as a baby what would later be someones meal....

Today Olivander is happy and healthy! Who could ever imagine that such a cute little fuzzy duck could ever end up on someones plate..? I call him my fuzzy little tugboat from his short little wings and big boat-like body..

Experiences: Olivander loves to play "hide and go seek" also "follow the leader"

These two games make bonding together stronger and exercise more fun!

Care: My baby duck lives inside my home and loves to follow my dog around...He enjoys swimming in the bathtub, going outside to explore new terrain and bugs, he eats a mixture of corn meal and grits..

Advice: Buy or Adopt a duck if you feel you have enough room, time, and TLC for it..... I would not recommend geting a duck if you dont own your own home, own a very very small plot of land(under an acre), have vicious dogs, cats, no-one around to take care of the duck, no-one to take him out during the day...

Ducks arent that costly if you plan ahead! The food alone cost pennies! Ducks are also naturally disease-free and make good lap pets!..

What my duck would say: Look at me the fuzzy tugboat!!!

Re: Live Ducks: Very cute, well designed, convenient..
• 08-09-04

Name: sarah
Location: Canada
Number: 1
Breeds: mallard
Names: walter

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): we rescued him even though he tried to run. We had no such luck helping his siblings.

Experiences: im a wild life expert. I work at the toronto humain society.he still does not understand why we grabbed him, and is not very friendly or co-operative.

Care: he lives in his kennel (4ft by 3ft) we feed him corn cut up some fish and fruit and we bought him his own swimming pool.

Resources: Well first off if you get a wild duck don't expect him to eat out of yourhand or even a bowl get floating food and put him and the food (i recommend corn) and leave him alone so he feels safer, the main priorety is to keep him alive.

Advice: their great animals, but if you decide to get one remember they need hours of care and love daily and are messy so make sure your up to the responsibility.

What my duck would say: "i'm not a pig, im a sloppy duck with a big appetite.

Re: Live Ducks: -some in experienced duck owners might find a abandoned duckling but may want to know the breed / gender of their duckling.
• 08-09-04

Name: Mike Patten
Location: Hillsborough, New Jersey
Number: 9
Breeds: 3 pekin, 3 blue swedish, 3 cayuga
Names: i cant fit al the names..ill write it in below....

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): i got em from the clearview hatchery in gratz pennsylvania... they sent them through the mail.

Experiences: theyre great, right now they are 5 days old, and are very well behaived. so far no problems, but theyre only less than a week old... there names are, Marylon, spock and rocko(the 3 pekins) Slash, barry and elfaba(the 3 cayugas) and oscar, ronaldo, and kramer(the 3 blue swedish)

Care: they live in a baby pool brooder now, but soon im going to move them into a pen i built in the yard...the pen is chicken wired, and has a net roof. they eat starter waterfowl food, and really enjoy lettuce..

Resources: the best recources i recomend are, the,Liveducks, murreymcmurry, and storeys guide to raising ducks...

Advice: its a huge responcibility, ive been doing research on ducks for a long time, like 2 years, but its all worth it...

What my duck would say: i guess they would say nothing....cause ducks cant talk.

Re: Live Ducks: i think your site is a GREAT resource, i like duck cam, and ill be sure to continue using your site..
• 08-06-04

Name: Andrea San Martin
Location: Gilroy, CA, USA
Number: 3
Breeds: Muscovy (It took a while to find out!)
Names: Ellen, Jerry and Hobble

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): My boyfriend's sister in law, Gloria, lives in a ranch. The 3 mother ducks there had a lot of ducklings (about 30 all together!) so she told me to take as many as I wanted.

Experiences: My ducks are healthy, but one of them, Hobble, has a problem on one of his legs. Apparently, he broke or dislocated his right leg when he was a baby. It kinda looks out of place but he swims, walks and plays without a problem. Only he hobbles a little bit, that's how he got his name :)

Care: They live in our backyard. They enjoy eating grass, catching mosquitos and bugs, and eating the apples and peaches that fall from the trees.

Their favorite snacks are pieces of bread, carrots, watermelon, and corn tortillas.

Resources: I only know this great web-site about ducks.

Advice: If you want to get a duck, it would be a great idea if you get it on summer. I never used a heating lamp with my ducks because it was so hot already. The weather is nice and hot, and when winter comes, they are going to be bigger and they are going to have nice new feathers. For me, it was much easier to raise them in summer! Always remember to have fresh water for them to swim and drink.

What my duck would say: Ellen: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"
Jerry: "Look! I got another mosquito" or "Mommy, Can I have another snack?"
Hobble: "Let's go swim!" , "HEY! Wait up!

Re: Live Ducks: Your web-site has been a blessing! I got so much help from here! It would be really cool if you guys have a forum where we can ask questions, and everyone can help with the answer. [ Note: On the Duck World Menu to the right there are forums. -L ]
• 08-02-04

Name: Jennifer Siemer
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Number: 2
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Tommy and Gilbert

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I purchased Tom and Gilbert at my local Tractor Supply store.

Experiences: I have had my ducks since they were ducklings and have spent majority of my free time with them. They lay with me in the yard and play on me. My neighbors love to come and play with them. They are now almost 4 months old and Tommy (the oy) and Gilbert (the girl) are finally sexually mature. Gilbert was named before we found out the sex and we kept the name. Gilbert hasn't laid any eggs yet but her belly is hanging low... so possibly soon! My ducks also found a rabbit friend and now the rabbit lives with the ducks and even sleeps in their cage at night! So weird. My cat is terrified of them for they chase after his tail. Purchasing those ducks is one of the best decisions I have made. And it saves me money from not having to go to the pond weekly and visit the ducks!

Care: I built a large wooden pen for my ducks to use only at night or in need of safety. They stay in my yard and in my two neighbor's yards but know not to wonder further. The neighbors let the ducks swim in their underground pool. The ducks also have a wading pool and a deep bucket that they live to climb into. The love to eat my mother's garden, especially her expensive hostas. There favorite treat is tomatoes. Tom will even at times attack you to get a tomato. I keep a bowl of pellet food and a little bit of cracked corn in their cage at night.

Resources: LiveDucks is the place to get duck information!

Advice: Spend as much time as possible bonding with your duck(s). It is worth it... they become so playful and attached.

What my duck would say: Get me a tomato! Pick me up and let me fly! Can I taste your earrings? Don't put us away yet!

Re: Live Ducks: LiveDucks should post more information on the sexual maturation of ducks and the process of incubation. [ Note: If anyone can send me some good info. on those subjects, that's a great idea for this website! ]
• 08-02-04

Name: Laura and Vince Martinez
Location: Albuquerque, NM USA
Number: 2
Breeds: 1 Pekin and 1 mallard
Names: Q-bert, and Tiggywinkles

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Our local feed store

Experiences: Our Ducks Are so fun. Q-bert (or Quakbert) is a pig stuck in a ducks body and eats anything he can get his bill on. Tiggy loves to swim and pretends she is a torpedo. It is so funny to see them run with such tiny wings spread as if they are trying to take off.

Care: At first we kept them in a large rubbermade tub which we cleaned multiple times daily. A clean habitat is very important for health. Now they stay at Laura's mom's house as she has a lot more yard space. They swim in a plastic tub now (which they are outgrowing)They eat a starter feed as a staple and we feed them spinich, grape tomatoes, and they enjoy catching bugs on thier own.

Advice: RESEARCH, Research, and Research!

What my duck would say: Q-bert: "Hey Tiggy! are you going to eat all of that?"
Tiggy: "Laura! Tell Q-bert to stop taking my lunch!"
• 07-30-04

Name: Jennifer Killian
Location: Toms River, NJ
Number: 2
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Beansie and Nibbles

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I bought my ducks at a local pet store.

Experiences: I did have one experience where a raccoon tried to bite Nibbles head off, but my dad ran outside and scared it away. I called a vet, but by the time the appointment was available, Nibbles was better.

Care: My dad and I built a pen outside where they stay at night. The rest of the day they stay outside and eat my moms flowers. They have a baby pool with a ramp to swim in but they never do, they just drink out of it. I feed them pellets from the store, and left over food from the house.

Resources: I love this site, it's really helpful.

Advice: I did a lot of research before I purchased my ducks. I was away that they are hard work, and they are. So be sure you are ready for them.

What my duck would say: "put me down, I don't like to be held" and "give me more spaghetti"

Re: Live Ducks: It's a great webpage, it covers a lot of information.
• 07-29-04

Name: linda stojanov
Location: Roswell,NM,Chaves county
Number: We have 9 ducks including the babies
Breeds: They are pekin ducks
Names: Afleck,Quakers,Sonny,Feathe,happy,Babies,no namers

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): we got them for my grand daughters 4 H project. two then 3 more. one of the ducks just hatched 4 other duck is sitting on eggs .they should hatch soon.

Experiences: The mom duck was sitting on about 20 eggs.but only 4 hatched. it rained last night and the babies are about a week old. this morning one of the babies could not stand up or walk. it's feet curl up and keep going behind it. I want to know if any one out there can tell me what I can do for it.I managed to get it away from it's protective mom.I brought it in side,put it in a laundry basket with food and water and a wash cloth to lay on.I let it exersize it's legs in a bowl of luke warn water.what else can I do and is what I did helpful? [ Sorry, I can't post your email, and always call your vet to ask their advice anytime your duck has a problem - never wait to get help online, it might be too late by the time you get reliable feedback. ]

Care: the ducks live in the back yard with our 4 goats near the horse yard and a 12x12 cage containing Bongo my 16 year old Rheses monkey.They swim in a kiddy pool and eat cracked corn, a mixture the goats eat and scratch. the babys are given starter scratch.

Advice: ducks need fresh water to swim in every day or a pond. they need water to eat and to mate and to lay eggs.the ducks will eat bugs and weeds ,but also need plenty of good scratch.

What my duck would say: I think they would say where they live is starting to look like a wild life park.there are trees and bushes and dead branches to hide in. there is a small barn ,but they like the outside.

Re: Live Ducks: This site seem really nice. I haven't checked it all out yet ,but am about to now.
• 07-26-04

Name: Miranda Savage
Location: Smithfield/V.A./U.S.A.
Number: 16 but I am only writing about one.
Breeds: He is a Pekin.
Names: His name is Mister.

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): My family and I saved him from a local feed store that basicly had no idea what they were doing and realy didn't care.

Experiences: My duck has a broken leg but mom says we can't take him to the vet because the vet bills are to exspencive. But he has lost all feeling in his leg,now all he does is use it for balence,it realy hurts me to see it.But I wrote in to warn people about blue berries. See, mom put some berries in a bowl, for the birds, and it rained the next day and two days later it was real humid and hot, so I brang Mister up on the deck in to the shade seeings how the other ducks had fallen asleep under my dads boat and Mister looked to tired to make it. So I let him rest on my lap. Then he looked thirsty and all I could reach was the blue berries, which by now had flies in it and looked like a good duckie treat for him. He drank down the jucie and nibbled at the flies and berries. Then mom walked out and said whats that smell, I took a deep breath and nearly choked, it smelled like wine. Just then a bird flew by and nearly ran into the rail on the deck, it was the berries after a while I gess the sun and water had turend our birds treat in to moon shine(home made wine.)We got a real laugh out of that.

Care: Mister sleeps outside in a cage and comes in every other day to lay on my bed and watch TV with me, and then I put on my bathing suit and he takes a bath/shower with me and last he sits beside me and rest his cute little head on my arm and falls asleep while I write to you and go though the pictures and sites.

Resources: Mother Goose, right after I write this I am going to order a duckie diper for Mister, who has now fallen asleep.

Advice: Mister loves to be scratched on the neck and bobs his head around as if to say,"A little lower, aah thats it".

What my duck would say: "Oh, stop it, stop complimiting me, your making me blush" and to our dog and my sister "take two steps back from Miranda and everything will be okay". He hisses at anybody who comes close to me as if protecting me from them?

Re: Live Ducks: Your website is real neat nothing needs to be improved, but I didn't know where to write in about peoples birthday, so I just want to wish my friend PARKER WEBSTER HAPPY BIRTHDAY,his b-day is Aug.3, he will be turning 14, SO DOES MISTER [ Note: Happy Birthday Duckies!!! -L ]
• 07-24-04

Name: Peggy Driesel
Location: Gooding, Idaho USA
Number: 3
Breeds: Malard & malard/Peckin mix
Names: Missy & baby Sissy (Baby is Missy's younger sister

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): We already had 2 ducks and recently lost them. Missy we saved from a Drake who hurt her tail down past the skin. Baby we saved from a fox. She couldn't hold her neck up. I made a ducky cervical collar and we fed her mush made from chicken scratch and milk. She is great now and like to boss her big sister around. We just returned from taking them driving with us from Idaho to Maryland and back. Is there a palce for a longer story? They loved the drive and Missy even laid a few eggs on the way. They are exactly like himan sisters. One wants what the other has. We won't go anywhere without them.

Experiences: The driving trip was wonderful. Pictures available. They had a portable pen every night. And was in a large cage at night. We stayed at KOA Camping Kabins.The camping people loved them. We have a large recirculating pond in the back yard for them. When we are home during the day, they are out in the large fenced in yard. At night, they come in the house and sleep in the large traveling cage. They wake us up at 5:45 every morning wanting to go outside. We love them, we wouldn't have any other pets.

Care: Daytime when we are home they are outside. Nighttime and when we are gone they are in the house in a large cage. They swim in a large recirculating pond in the yard. They eat chicken stratch and grass, bugs. feeder goldfish are a treat.

Resources: Live Ducks .com is great. Local hatchery, Nampa, Idaho

Advice: Be positive that you have the time and the patience to properly take care of these wonderful creatures. They will give you lots of love in return. Garenteed.

What my duck would say: Missy "Let me outside, I want outside. I said now, mom."
Baby Sissy "This is my spot. I was here first. You move, Missy. This is not negotiable."

Re Live Ducks: Great website. Thank you.
• 07-22-04

Name: Marilla & Murphy Harrington
Location: Pulaski Ohio
Number: 2
Breeds: pekin and mallord
Names: Happyfoot and Norbert

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): My dad bought them for my sister and I for Easter.

Experiences: We raised our ducklings, released them into a pond, and then brought them home after a fox ate their four brothers and sisters. Happyfoot had hurt his leg and was limping. Norbert had a chunk bite out of his head. They now live in my mothers formal garden thats fenced in by day and a pen by night. They like to eat borage and other plants. They like to eat the bugs out of the garden as well. They swim in our two bird baths(bad news for the birds that like them). they are very happy and now safe.

Care: they eat cracked corn while in their pen. And sometimes we put them in a box and take them to my grandpas pond to swim.

Resources: The Ohio Extension Services

Advice: They may be loud at first but they tone it down. And be careful, you may become attached. Even our dog watches over them.

What my duck would say: Happyfoot:"Norbert is my best friend."

Norbert: "I HATE fox!"

Re: Live Ducks: We enjoyed reading everything on your website.
• 07-11-04

Name: Brynn
Location: CA/USA
Number: two
Breeds: mallard
Names: Abby and Diego

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): My sister has a friend who has ducks. and he told me about how he pets and plays with him. this really made me want to get a duck. so we decided to get one. but i thought about how it might be lonely so i got two.

Experiences: Well...once i moved my ducks from being inside to their outside night pen, something in the middle of the night got to one of the ducks and killed it. only abby was left. i could really tell how sad she was, and in the time when she didn't have a friend, she bonded more to me. after this happened we made her night pen more animal proof so nothing could get to her while she sleeps. but she would normally sleep in the corner against the wires. Then one night something tried to grab her through her cage and hurt her wing. She slept inside for the next few nights. She was not her normal self. She would stare off into the distance like she was in a daze. She didn't eat or drink for about a week. but eventually she got better and we fixed her nighttime cage so that absolutely nothing could get to her. After awhile when i started to get busy and could not spend as much time with her as i used to, we decided to get another duck. so i raised another duck and named it Diego. they are now inseperable.

Care: my ducks live in my backyard and they roam around and eat worms in teh grass and snails. they also have a pen where i have a baby pool filled with water for them to swim in. aslo in the pen i have food and water for them. They eat universal poultry mash. Their pen is always open durring the day so they can go in and out as they please.

Advice: Baby ducks need alot of attention! so make sure you have the time!

Re: Live Ducks: when i found out about your website i was thrilled! it is so nice to know that so many other people own ducks like myself!
• 07-10-04

Name: lynn woodman
Location: gloucester england
Number: 7 ducks and 1 goose
Breeds: cawl,aylesbury,khaki,swedish blue,tuscany ,greylag
Names: bo,meeny,bing,bong,tara,lara,rosie,lucy

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): they all live in a very large garden with lawns and gravel plus a rotweiller and a mutt they just potter around all day until late evening when they go in their cage away from the wildlife riversevern wildlife!!they love iceberg lettuce and always have layer pellets and mixed corn available

Experiences: not a lot really the odd sore foot but the small cawl duck was once egg bound and had to go to the vets to have it removed she is fine now and as a cawl duck does it cawl!!

Care: roam around the garden all day ,into a very large cage at night,they have a very large dogs bath to bathe in and in the winter season the severn bore comes up the garden!!so they get plenty of water!!but their fave food has to be the lettuce.

Advice: they have very loose bowls so keep the hose ready!be prepared for many early mornings plenty of fresh water a sprinkler in hot weather and a good diet ,apart from that enjoy they are very entertaining and are very tame when spent time and patience with

What my duck would say: more lettuce please!!!!

Re: Live Ducks: brilliant, i never knew so many people loved ducks most think i'm mad!!
• 07-10-04

Name: Kim Cartwright aka Duck Mother
Location: Little Rock, AR USA
Number: Do not own any ducks. All of them own me!
Breeds: Wood ducks, Mallards, Blue Swedish, Khaki Campbell
Names: only one at home-her name is Khaki Quackie

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): My husband and I saw a mother wood duck, hit by a car. She had 15 babies in tow. We were able to rescue 11. We raised and released in our neighborhood lake. Been part of the local duck rescue and rehab ever since. Best job I ever had!

Experiences: Every duck has a unique personality. Some watch TV, others do not notice the TV is there. Some are playful and others are quite serious. Ducks do not know the difference between their pool and a hot tub!!! Many states have laws that prohibit raising wild ducks.

Care: They live inside our home (they have their own room and bathroom-they take baths) until they are about one month old. Then they move to the duck cages outside. Which are furnished with a three room house and a swimming pool. In time they roam the backyard during the day and return to the cage at night. Eventually, they make their way to the creek in the backyard, which leads to the lake. Some will return the next spring to nest but some never leave the lake, again. But, we visit them everyday. We start our ducks with chick feed and pieces of fruits. We have found that all of our breeds love watermelon. As they age, they are introduced to bugs; crickets, slugs, etc. A Khaki Campbell will keep your garden free of slugs!

Resources: Local duck rescue and rehab.

Advice: Make sure that you research the type of duck you want. Some ducks can be quite aggressive. Others are very calm, like a blue swedish and even others cannot fly and lay a lot of eggs, such as a Khaki Campbell. Campbells may lay up to 300 eggs a year...maybe more.

What my duck would say: "Dad? Where is Mom? We want Mom." or "Snack Snack"

Re: Live Ducks: I enjoy your website very much! So does Khaki Quackie!
• 07-09-04

Name: Paula Bray and Kevin Tschida
Location: Palo Alto, California, USA
Number: two
Breeds: Cayuga, Indian Runner/Cayuga
Names: Lizabeth, Abigail

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): We purchased Abigail last July from Metzer Farms in Gonzales. We ordered an Indian Runner, but we got what looks like a Cayuga but has Indian Runner characteristics. We love her so much. So we got another duck this past March, also from Metzer. This time we ordered a Cayuga and we got one. She is beautiful!

Experiences: Abigail has gotten very sick. We took her to the vet to see what was wrong. He x-rayed her and we found that she has eaten buttons, bottle caps, coins, a thumbtack, etc. She couldn't be operated on so instead we bought Lizabeth to keep Abigail company.

Care: Our ducks are our children. They live with us. During the day, while I'm at work, they have free rein over the house and the side yard via a kitty door. In the side yard, we have a small garden and a little pool for the ducks. Once I get home, they get to play in the front yard. People all over the neighborhood come to visit our ducks. They have a little tub to jump in in the front yard and lots of snails and slugs to eat. In addition to eating bugs in the yard, they eat weeds. In the house, they have dishes where they eat dry cat food (really fish flavored corn meal) and a little fruit and vegetable salad every day. For some reason, people keep trying to feed our ducks bread, but they won't eat it. At night, we bring the ducks inside of the house to keep them safe from raccoons. They sleep in bed with us.

We love to go camping with our ducks. We have an old LTD and the ducks get the entire back seat. They love looking out the windows as we drive.

Advice: If you're going to get a duck, just remember - they poop a lot. If you can handle the poop, you'll have a cuddle friend for life.

What my duck would say: Mommy, daddy, It's snuggle time! Come on, let's snuggle! Now, I want out, now I want in, now I want out. . . .

Re: Live Ducks: Love your website. I really like the stories about other ducks. It's nice to know that I'm not the only duck nut out there.
• 07-08-04

Name: michelle cohen
Location: Thornwood, N.Y U.S.A
Number: 4
Breeds: pekin
Names: "mom, "pop" and the two "babies"

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): We got mom and pop fron my uncle who has a small farm

Experiences: Our ducks have been very healthy.We have had some unfortunate experiences due to the two snapping turtles that live in our pond.It is a danger for the babies untill they are full grown.

Care: They live on 1 acre in their own custom made pen.They swin in our pond and love to sit in the sun. They eat cracked corn.

Advice: They are great animals.Depending on your surroundings it can be very dangerous for these little ducks.They require plenty of love and care.

What my duck would say: "No more fireworks please"!!!
• 07-07-04

Name: Jennifer Borman
Location: New Richmond, WI
Number: 3
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Zeus, Raphael, Shadowquax

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Friend purchased them as a gift. I have been researching and wanting ducks of my own for a year now.

Experiences: They are four weeks old as of yesterday and they have been an absolute pleasure. I do have the concern that because they were all purchased together that I will have a bonding issue with them. But it was important to me that they had other companionship other than myself and my boyfriend to keep them from being loney.

Care: They are currently in a 12 X 6 bathroom with a shower stall. I use rubber shelf lining to line the shower stall. This has been great because it allows for the water mess to drain. I use their upright water bottle to put over the drain so their little toes won't get hurt, but it doesn't seal it enough to not allow the water to drain. Then I have Wee Wee pads that line half the bathroom floor. This is a must!! They are a great product that makes poop cleanup a breeze! They are absorbant cotton on the top side and lined with plastic on the bottom side. Just roll them up and toss them! No more messy towels and daily laundry! I take them outside every day for a swim in the kiddie pool or in the bathtub on cold days. They eat lettuce and duck food from the feed store.

Resources: This is the best website I have found!

Advice: Wee Wee pads!!!

What my duck would say: Let's swim!!!

Re: Live Ducks: Great job! Keep up the good work! Invaluable resource!
• 07-06-04

Name: Miranda Savage
Location: Smithfield/V.A./U.S.A.
Number: 16
Breeds: 3 Blue Swedish,3 mallords, 3 Blackish,7 pekins
Names: from E to W, can't fit all there names

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I got my ducks at a feed store,where they were being mistreated, I mean they had 15 to 20 ducks in rabit size cages. As if that wasn't bad enough they were being feed the wrong food, so supose to be Pekins were being starved to the size of small Mallords:(: It was horrible, but now they are fat and happy:)

Experiences: The worst experenices I have is when my ducks die. You see the ducks are aloud to roam and the preadators get the ducks, except a few, who are caged at night. Which brings my thought to another bad experiences, Bummble Foot, a ankle and foot diease that usally is caused by infection. Waddles, Tappers, and Mister had it, well Mister still has it, but he is getting better. One of the best experiences is to watch my ducks swim

Care: My ducks stay in my neighbors and I's backyard and get hard fish food and a freash bowls of water for breakfeast and some times water meleon for dessert.

After that they go down to my neighbors pond for a swim.On the weekands, in the evening when my dad and sister come back from fishing and are cleaning the boat I put my thumb on the water hose to make it look like its raining and they come back up and have a blast in the "rain." Then, after drying them selfs off, they fall asleep behind the boat under a small maple tree.

Resources: is the only website I know of [ My Link page has more really good ones too. ]

Advice: They are amazing pets!:(BUT): there vet bills are outrages I am not joking!! They are very delicate and messy with there food and there poop is very messy!!BUT OTHER THAN THAT THEY ARE GOOD WITH EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

What my duck would say: Can I have some more food, pretty pleasssssssse.....

Re: Live Ducks: (:!!ITS AMAZING!!:)
• 07-05-04

Name: Kyle Rheude
Location: Enid, Oklahoma
Number: 2
Breeds: Blue Swedish & Silver Blue Swedish
Names: Waddles & Jeep

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I bought them at Atwoods back in April while they were on sale.

Experiences: Our ducks are just plain silly. They have become the kings of the backyard. Our cats are afraid of them. Whenever Waddles gets near them he usually bends his head down and runs at them. The funny part about this is the cat usally runs off. Jeep on the other hand is as lively as Waddles, but has deformed bill. When first got her it wasn't that bad or noticeable. Now 3 and a half months later. It has gotten to the point to where she can't eat. So we have to hand feed her. But next week we are taking her to the vet to get it fixed. Also Jeeps got kind of a honk because of her bill and sounds like a goose. Thats how bad she is.

Care: Our ducks live in our fenced backyard. They usually just quack around and have a good time. They usually like their duck mash but also eat cat and dog food. They also eat some of the grass outside. Waddles and Jeep especially love to swim in their little kiddie pool they get in there and splash around all day. Usually if we throw some lettuce or leaves in their pool they eat it up. We have thrown goldfish in their pool and Waddles goes nuts! He swims around with his head submerged and eats them all up. But Jeep couldn't eat them because of her bill.

Resources: We use liveducks alot but also use Google to find some things.

Advice: If you get them while they're small and young them in a large cardboard box with plenty of mash because they eat alot. Do Not Put In NEWSPAPER!!!!!!! It's very messy and causes you tohav to clean up that messy poop every day. Buy some of those pine chips this will allow you to go about three or four days without changing.

What my duck would say: Waddles would go Quack!!!! quack quack quack quack. Translation Where some more of those fish. Jeep would go honk honk honk honk honk Honk Honk!!!! Get us some more catfood. Right Now!!!!

Re: Live Ducks: If you guys had more information on how to find out the sex of your duck. Then you'd be perfect.
• 07-03-04

Name: Lori B
Location: USA
Number: 1
Breeds: rouen
Names: donald

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): my mother in law received him as a gift from some tenants who were moving away. She kept him with her chickens but after awhile she noticed that the chickens were bothering him and wouldnt let him eat so early in the morning he would wait for them and one by one as they came out of the shed he started to kill them. So out of anger she dumped him at a nearby canal. As a animal lover once I found out I was upset since it was several days after that she told us what happened. Then on fathers day but Husband and I decided to go to visit but I was late at night but something in me said we should just go anyways. As we were driving along on the dirt road I noticed a "thing" walking down the road. It turned out to be the duck walking his way back to my in laws house! needless to say we were surprised and so my husband got out of the car to catch him. He was successful and Donald was supposed to go to the park but the days turned into weeks and now hes mine! If it had not been for us going to his parents late at night he would of never survived the journey since the were some loose pit bulls that roam freely and they happen to live at the house at the corner where he would of had to turn.

Experiences: Its been wonderful, at first we didnt know what to feed him and well he was very scared of us. But if you were to catch him and hold him in your arms he wouldnt mind that a bit. Food was the biggest issue and after several tries we found he is a very picky eater. He prefers can corn, corn tortillas. recently he started to eat some powder looking food and some corn kernels. Every now and then we will go and buy him some worms. Otherwise I just turn on the hose and he comes running ready to dig for worms. I was mainly concerned that I wanted him to learn to trust us and that I would not harm him. I have had him for a year now and sometimes he will come up to the door and peck or peak in. Donald will let you know when he is hungary he will quack by his bowl or knock on the door and walk over to the food bowl to let you know its time to eat! Now he is not so afraid anymore of me and I am working on trying to have him eat out of my hand and possibly let me pet him. I just ordered a female duck and I am hoping to raise it has a companion for him.

Care: Donald lives in my backyard. Our back yard is sectioned of and he goes every morning to the dry section and sit by the fence and talk with the neighbors duck. and then when its hot or if he is hungary or thirsty he will come to the "green side" and take a swim in his own pool and eat, dig for worms in the flower bed and then goes back to his "spot" by the fence. He does this several times a day and knows when the sun goes down hes back sleeping in the grass. He eats mostly can corned and corn tortillas. I have tried to give him rice and bread mixed with other vegies but he doesnt like that. Ive also bought him cracked corn and some chicken feed which when hes tired of the other he will switch on his own. any ideas would be helpful hes just a picky eater!

Resources: so far this is the only website that I have seen. All this time I thought of him to be a mallard but further research has said that he is a rouen.

Advice: there not as messy as people make them out to be. Trust me chickens are worse. yes there droppings stink but i just wash it away off my patio into the flower bed. (could be good fertilizer? you never know) [ Note: Yes, duck poop is awesome, my tomatos grow 14 feet tall - my neighbor's get to about 6 feet... ] the hardest part is making sure his food is not attracting other pest like roaches and ants. Ive also learned you make sacrifices by being careful about what pesticides you can use to spray around your house for those yucky bugs. So far weve been doing good. Ducks are wonderful pets just like any other pets you would have and in some ways a lot like children. Donald doesnt seem to crave lots of attention but I do talk to him a lot and amazingly sometimes it seems he understands. The hardest part is making sure that there safe in your yard. I worry all the time that something or someone might try to harm him. Unless your prepared to care, properly feed, risk getting mosquitos breeding from his pool by the house, washing his pool out every couple of days, and getting in infestation of roaches dont consider.

If you do not have the time to raise one, well you can start off with an adult like we did. It was heartbreaking knowing that there a little afraid of you but after awhile you will be amazed how they learn through time to trust you and you in return being protective and loving toward them regardless if you can pet them or not.

What my duck would say: he would probably say whats with the code name back back yard and greener paster? why not just knock down the fence and make it one whole yard? and quack quack quack I cant find worms can you help? you have two hands!!!!!

Re: Live Ducks: I havent searced your entire site but I think its a wonderful idea and place for everyone to come together with stories and experiences.
• 07-01-04

Name: Alex "Duckman" N
Location: Florida
Number: 2
Breeds: Mallards
Names: Fluff and Buff

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): My neighbor raises Mallard ducks. She gave me two ducklings.

Experiences: Fluff, my drake ,alwaya holds his mouth open. Is that a consern?

Care: My ducks live in a pen, They swim in a cut off crab bucket.They eat duck food and grass They swim in a shed so they don't fly off.

Resources: 1.Storey's Guide to ducks 2. The new duck handbook. 3. The internet.

Advice: READ!READ!READ! Read up! I have lost two ducks to things I could have done to save thier lives.

What my duck would say: Can we swim just a little longer?

Re: Live Ducks: Liveducks is a wonderful Website!!!!!!!
• 06-30-04

Name: Alex
Location: Florida
Referred by: surfing on the internet
Number: 2
Breeds: Khaki Campbell and sweedish
Names: Spice and Shaq

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I acquired Spice Through a duck farm. I acquired Shaq from a local feed store.

Experiences: I live on a lake and there are many birds.When I let my ducks out,they see big birds.

Care: My ducks live in a pen.They swim in a child's wading pool.They eat duck food,lettuce and grass

Resources: Story's guide to ducks. The new duck handbook.

Advice: FEED YOUR DUCKS CHOPPED LETTUCE! Drop it in their swimming water and watch the show.

What my duck would say: Gimme more lettuce!!!

Re: Live Ducks: Make a few more spaces for stories [ Note: I'm open to suggestions as to the sort of spaces you'd like to see. -L ]
• 06-29-04

Name: Pam Balog
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee
Number: 4
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Daisy, Dixie, Jeff & Spot

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I purchased these 4 little yellow fuzz heads at a local tractor supply around Easter this past year. We have a large pond and I thought it needed ducks playing in it to look normal.

Experiences: We love our duckies! They have been a constant source of amuzement to our family. Their antics are priceless and each one has a unique personality. They started their lives in our garage in a converted dog igloo (top removed & entry sealed.) They then were transplanted into a dog kennel also located in the garage. They now live outside and free range until evening, then it's supper & bedtime in their double sized kennel. We could not believe how quickly they grew up from those little yellow fuzzies!

Care: They live outside during the day, lounging under the deck of our house, swimming in their kiddie pool or the 1 1/2 acre pond. They just decided this week they liked the pond. At first they refused to go anywhere near it and we thought we bought defective ducks, but now they enjoy swimming most of the day. They eat primarily grasses while they are roaming (or sometime's Mom's flowers), in the evening we give them chopped lettuce and watermelon as a treat before bed. They absolutely LOVE watermelon. I think it's similar to kids and candy.

Resources: Local farm and fleet store employees have been a huge help. There are also various web sites to view.

Advice: Prepare for "ducka-yucka." They tend to squirt where ever they please and often. If you're penning them outside I have found pine straw to be easier to deal with as bedding than wheat straw. Wheat straw tends to mildew faster and really stinks when wet.

What my duck would say: My ducks talk all the time. The alpha female (Daisy) says "Crap, Crap" all the time to show her displeasure at any situation she doesn't like. Dixie has a different quack and I haven't figured out exactly what she's saying. The boys kind murmur as if to say, "would someone please shut Daisy up."

Re: Live Ducks: I love your web site!
• 06-29-04

Name: Casey Glenar
Location: S. Lee, MA USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Mallard
Names: Junior

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Our duck arrived on our property, which is located on a river, after several days of rain. She was giving a distress call for several hours as were two of her siblings. We were finally able to rescue her but her siblings were not so lucky (I think they were swept away in the current). We think these babies were washed away from the nest.

Experiences: Junior (named before we knew for sure that she was a girl) is the light of our life. Even though she requires a lot of care and does poop alot, she is well worth the effort. Watching how fast she has grown from a little puff ball to a "junior miss" has been great. She, like other ducks, is friendly and loving (even though she came from the wild). My biggest challange is getting my husband to relax. He is so afraid that she will get hurt or eaten or something.

Care: As a baby, Junior stayed in a large plastic box with a window screen over the top. She had pine shavings and timothy hay for bedding. She ate wild game mash from Agway which was placed in her water. We also gave her small worms and insects, slugs, bugs and spiders (loves these). We took her out several times a day for a swim in her Mr.Turtle pool (even when she was small) but made sure she could get in and out by herself by placing a brick in the water. Now she has a screened tent with bricks around the edge and a large pool. We use a plastic slide as a ramp to the pool and placed a cinder block on its side in the pool for her dock. We put cat-tails in the cinder block openings and she loves to nibble at the roots. We also go on the hunt for "duckweed" which she also loves to eat. She loves having more freedom, and I feel better about her situation too.

Resources: Past experience has been a big help. Trying to provide things that she would find in her natural environment is just common sense.

Advice: Be prepared to have your heart won over. Some work but they make great pets. Some are afraid to let ducks get wet too early but I found, at least for wild ducks, that they can go for swims if you provide a platform for them to rest on, preen, and dry out on. My girl does not have all her adult plumage yet (quite a bit though) and spends most of the day getting in and out of the pool at will. They will follow you as you garden looking for food - mine needs water to wash stuff down with.

What my duck would say: I wish more of my bio family could have been saved, but for right now .. this is the life.

Re: Live Ducks: This is my first visit to your site but I enjoyed reading many of the experiences within.
• 06-26-04

Name: Adrienne H
Location: USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Mallard
Names: Aflac

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I found Aflac in her nest alone several days after the rest of her siblings had hatched. I left her in her nest overnight to see if her mother would return, but I was afraid she would die and took her in the next day.

Experiences: From the day Aflac came home with us, she's been a real firecracker. As a young adult she certainly showed our cats and rabbits who owned the place. She's also very crafty and determined; no matter where we keep her treats, she'll get them eventually. But Aflac is also very loving, and enjoys cuddling on my lap for a while everyday. I do have to wear a towel over my lap, though.

Care: Aflac lives in a 4x6 foot chain-link pen, and sleeps in a wooden dog house my uncle built her. She eats Pets, Inc. Duck Pellets and swims a jumbo kiddie-pool and very occasionally, our koi pond.

Resources: Live Ducks is the place where I get most of my information, and it has been a life saver.

Advice: Ducklings are cute, but they grow up to be loud and smelly. I'd advise meeting with someone who owns ducks first to make sure you like the animals enough to put the effort required to care for them.

What my duck would say: "Enough petting, where are my treats?"

Re: Live Ducks: I can't think of anything you could add. Without Live Ducks, I don't know how I would have cared for Aflac as a duckling.
• 06-18-04

Name: Wendy Eck
Location: PA/USA
Number: 2 adults, 3 babies
Breeds: Mixed domestic
Names: Bob and Duncan

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Cousin owns a small farm and gave us baby ducks to raise. Now they've had babies of their own.

Experiences: We've had the ducks for about a year. They haven't given us any problems. Winter time was a challenge, keeping their water fresh and unfrozen.

Care: They live in a pen we built, similiar to a rabbit hutch but bigger. We also have a small portable fence so they can have extra room. When we are in the yard, we let them roam outside. They swim in a baby pool. They also have a big dish of water they can splash in inside the pen. We feed them wild game feed. As treats they like wild clover and blueberries.

Advice: Ducks are great family pets, relaxing to have outside with you, they do need attention and care daily.

What my duck would say: Quack
• 06-18-04

Name: sandra brown
Location: Canada (Talbotville on.)
Number: I have 4
Breeds: Rouen
Names: Lucky, Buck, Honey, Henny

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I bought my ducks at a flea market 5 years ago. We just love them. Lucky Duck is a little aggressive expecially during breeding season. My two hens are about to hatach their babies, we really look forward to this. Henny is Honey's baby from last year. It amazes me how they come when you call them and they don't like Sako (Our dog) coming to close. My husband really enjoys the ducks and when they are nesting we really babysit them so nothing happens to them. We expect about 19 young in two weeks.

Experiences: My ducks are in good health I feed them a diet of pellets and good kitchen scraps (apple lettuce carrot shavings.etc.)

Care: We live on a rural farm of 32 acres, when we bought the place the farmer had an irrogation pond, so we modified it landscaped it added a sitting area, few water plants. And there you have it our own private park

What my duck would say: If my duck could talk he'd say when is Honey and Henny getting off those eggs!!
• 06-18-04

Name: Anita Foos
Location: Cardington, Ohio
Number: 2
Breeds: Blue Swedish
Names: Splish and Splash

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I ordered them from Ridgeway Hatcheries. After much research on the type of duck I wanted.

Experiences: So far no health problems. They are 3 weeks old. They are great. Love watching them play, eat. Holding them. They have never tried to peck at me. Not once so far.

Care: Right now my ducks live in the house in a BIG Tack Box. It is 4ft long, 3ft wide and 2ft high. They eat starter food for waterfowl.

Resources: I have been to many web sites. live ducks is very good. There is so many good sites out there. i typed in raising baby ducks and it brought me up many sites.

Advice: Research, research, research. I spent several months researching what I wanted and how to take care of them. I didn't get them until I could be home with them. I work at a school and I didn't want them to be left alone at first. So I got them the week school was getting out and my daughter was going to be home from college. Like all animals only get them if you can devote time to them.

What my duck would say: I love running around in the yard pen.

Re: Live Ducks: I think the site is great.
• 06-11-04

Name: sophie fontaine
Location: vancouver island canada
Referred by: google
Number: 9
Breeds: muscovy duck, pekin drake, 7 surviving progeny

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): raised batch of day old pekins and kept 1 drake, recieved muscovy as gift after we realized that we had kept 4 drakes and no ducks.

Experiences: our drake attacks the ducklings so we put him in another pen but this morning 2 of the 9 day old ducklings got into the drake's pen and he killed them. We moved him into a further away pasture but I haven't been able to find out why he is killing his own ducklings or how long we will need to keep him away from them.

Care: 6 acre hobby farm in pastures shared with 2 wether goats, 6 ewes, lambs, a ram, 3 hens, (gladys, gladys, zoe, rhufus). they swim in a plastic backyard wading pool.
• 06-08-04

Name: Lisa D
Location: NY
Number: 1
Breeds: pekin
Names: pebbles

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): my neighbor hatched them

Experiences: i've had my duck for 2 is so cute!!! it follows me around wherever i go...and loves to sleep on my ahoulder.

Care: My duckie lives in a playpen type enclosure. it has a small plastic bin to swim and drink and it eats cracked corm mixture.

Advice: make sure you pay A TON of attention to your duckling...they will bond with you if you spend alot of time with it.

What my duck would say: mommy i love you! where are you going? I want to come!!

Re: Live Ducks: Really good website with alot of info! good job!
• 06-02-04

Name: Dwayne & Sam Huneycutt
Location: Raleigh, NC
Number: one
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Stuart

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): We got Stuart at a feed store. We tried to hatch eggs for three months prior but it did not work. We are glad it didn't or we would not have Stuart.

Experiences: Stuart had worms as a baby but he saw a vet and had it treated.

Care: Stuart stays in the house and has a kiddie pool outside to play in while we are in the backyard. He eats Layena pellets and always begs at the table for lettuce.

Resources: Just our own personal experience. (this is our second houseduck)

Advice: DIAPER! Buy it fast! Overall Stuart is a pleasure. We took him camping this weekend and he loved to swim in the lake with us. He stayed right by our side.

What my duck would say: Where's the Lettuce! I need ice cubes in my water!!

Re: Live Ducks: This website is a great help. We are so happy to have Stuart he is the most peaceful pet to have. A duck's love is unconditional. You are not a master to are a parent.
• 05-31-04

Name: miranda savage
Location: smithfield,va
Number: 16
Breeds: not sure

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): found a abandond nest
Experiences: they are the best pets on earth
Care: my ducks eat hard fish food, swim at nighbors pond
Advice: be papared for too much poop
What my duck would say: move i want some food

Re: Live Ducks: answered alot of my questions
• 05-30-04

Name: Hayley Lippman
Location: E. Amherst, NY, USA
Number: 7
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Babe, Charlie, BD, RD, Nina, Mr. & Ms. Abnoxious

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): We got 3 of them from a local farm store, 4 of them we incubated and hatched

Experiences: They are very strong and stay in a group at night which intimidates their preditors, even coyotes! We always watch out for them, but they are very self efficient.

Care: They live in a creek in my back yard. They like to nap under the trees by my house or in the bushes by the garage door and nest in the bushes. We give them cracked corn, and do NOT permit anyone to give them bread. They eat critters and plants from the creek, they also eat seeds they find in the front yard in the ground.

Advice: It's best to keep them in the most natural environment possible.

What my duck would say: Keep the food comin'!

Re: Live Ducks: Nice website... I hate seeing Pekin websites about how to prepare them for eating, I could never eat them! Also, cracked corn doesn't appear to be mentioned as a source of food, which has not harmed my ducks in any way, but they also have access to natural food.
• 05-26-04

Name: Vivianna Valdez
Location: Salinas
Number: 3
Breeds: mallard
Names: Honker, Billy and Lucky

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): i keep them in a pen on the side of my house

Experiences: i love them very much and they are my best friends

Care: my ducks live in a pen. They swim in a large and deep pool. they eat bugs and grain.

Resources: yes,the resource is the pet collier feed.

Advice: you should take good care of them.Love them.If you are thinking of getting a girl duck and she has eggs dont touch them.Mallard hens(girl ducks)are very good mothers to their eggs.

What my duck would say: if they are mad they would say:hey leave me alone or i will peck at you. if they were happy: hug me,i love you if they were sad: i need a hug.
• 04-22-04

Name: Davi Elliott
Location: USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Indian Runner
Names: Daisy

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I got my duck at the local Grain Growers.

Experiences: Daisy is so much fun. I had a pekin before her but a coon got her. It was really sad. I miss her a lot. Daisy has a completely different personality than Gabby had. Ducks are so much fun.

They are really funny and have such great personalities.

Care: Right now Daisy lives in the house. When she gets big enough she lives in a duck sized barn in the back yard. She will get let out to roam the yard all day every morning. She will have a small pond back by the barn. At the moment she eats duckling feed.

Advice: Keep your ducks completely enclosed at night. Even if you live in town. Don't get all in a huff puff every time something happens with your duckling. Their voices change and sound funny in between but it is nothing more than a voice change. Don't panic.

What my duck would say: Probably a whole heap of things. Daisy loves to talk.

Re: Live Ducks: I think it is very good. I haven't seen much of it yet but what I have is good.
• 04-21-04

Name: Sally Eggly
Location: Romeo, MI USA
Number: 3
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Dexter,Daisy May,Sunny

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): sping time and our feed store has chicks and ducklings .we already had chickins and those cute little guyswere hard to resist,my kids each picked one,we had a friend with us so she got one,and I got one too.

Experiences: Our ducks have been very heathy for a year now.The problem is we have an odd duck -out..One duck was lost to a racoon,so that leaves three.Now two have paired-up and are hot and heavey (after all it is spring)They chase the one all over the yard and the female leads the male all are our yard,I think she is house hunting.So what should I expect?Will she build a nest in my flower beds or what?

Care: Our ducks live outside ,weather permitting.(living in MI. thats about 6 mo. out of a yr.) I call them free-range now ,They have about 1 acre of grass and a big pond for swimming.In winter I house them in the chicken pen & house. I have been giving them feed pellets and they graze on bugs and such .Thanks to you guys I know to give em some fruit and veggies too.

Advice: They are beautiful on the pond,funny running around and waddling ,messy when confined.

What my duck would say: Quack Quack,life is good on the ranch,

Re: Live Ducks: Thanks you all are great!!!
• 04-18-04

Name: Amber Garcia
Location: So. St Paul, MN
Number: 1
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Pushkin

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): i was at work one day and i kind of just decided that i wanted a duck. So within the next week or so me and my b/f looked for a place that sold ducks. we found a really nice pet feed store that special ordered ducks for a low price. (they usually do bulk shipments for farms) We bought for the low price of $2.15, we got pushkin about two weeks later and we've loved him ever since!;)

Experiences: Nothing to traumatic. My cats and dogs are sometimes TOO curious

Care: Atarted off in an aquarium with a heat lamp and starter poultry food. Transformed old front yard garden in to fenced in area with a small pond we made with a pre-formed liner bought at a hardware store

Resources: i got most everything from this website and various books.

Advice: Do your reasearch first. [ Excellent advice, Amber! ] Babys need LOTS of care and attention. Puskin has come to family events because we couldn't leave him at home by himself.

What my duck would say: "I love you mommy! Why is the cat staring at me mommy? i don't want to go to bed mommy!"

Re: Live Ducks: lots of helpful info
• 04-14-04

Name: Hannah K
Location: D-town, Kansas
Number: 3
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Bianca, Bentley, Basil

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): At our Local Feed store

Experiences: My 3 baby ducks at first were kind of timid around the yard, and our German Shepard started playing mother to them. Now if I am Not out there with them, they follow her around the yard like a shadow.

Care: Since its spring time, I ahve put my ducks up in the horse stall, were they have hay for a bed, several food and water containers, and a horse trough to swim in.

Advice: Give them time to get used to you. They will be shy at first, but they will come around.

What my duck would say: FOOD! FOOD!

Re: Live Ducks: This website was an awesome experience!! Thanks a bunch!
• 04-12-04

Name: Lindsey Gossett
Location: Dallas, GA US
Number: 3
Breeds: One black and one blue swedish and a white pekin
Names: Quack, Hunter, and a no name

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I got quack as a baby at a fair he is a white pekin. I got the no name recently at a petstore as a baby he is a 1 week old black swedish. And today I got hunter at the park (I told the manager that she was sick and he let me have her). She is very sick and she has a limp is injured and has runny eyes and a runny nose. She is a blue swedish.

Experiences: The only health problems I have had are explained above. I'm going to the feed store tomorrow and asking them what would be the best to treat her with.

Care: My Male white pekin quack lives with my chickens in a large run with a kiddie pool that is cleaned out and water replaced every day. Almost every day I let them all out to run in the yard. The no name baby lives in a brooder with 11 chicken chicks. Hunter is in a large wire dog crate right now. I feed my adult ducks chicken layers pellets and my baby chick starter.

Resources:, (other poultry section on the message board)

Advice: These little guys are very messy.

What my duck would say: "Hello mommy can I have some bread?" [ Read "Care & Feeding" - Bread is not good for ducks! ]

Re: Live Ducks: This is a great site with lots of good information.
• 04-05-04

Name: Blake Elshire
Location: Richardson, Texas USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Mittens

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): One night I was sitting at home with my roommates, and we hear a knock on our door. We open it up and there is a little baby duck in a box on our doorstep. We found out that one of our friends had left the duck on our doorstep and that it had been passed around to about five other people so we decided to give him a permanant home

Experiences: We had a problem with a puppy one of my roommates bring home and the duck, the dog, attacked the duck and took a chunk out of the ducks back. We had already located a vet so we took him there and got him fixed up. The dog is no longer with us, we just couldn't get the two to get along.

Care: We keep Mittens in the back yard, we have a little pool for him to swim in, we give him feed we get at the feed store.
• 04-05-04

Name: Jourdan Johnston
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Number: 1 Breeds: I think it's a pekin
Names: Nickname=Daff Boy=Daffy Girl=Daphne

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I went to the Islanos Festival and beeged my grandmaw to buy me a duck.So she called my dad,asked him,and he said yes!

Experiences: When I was giving Daff it's first bath with some of my friends he was a little scared.But then he got used to it.When we were washing him and letting him bath himself he would put his chest up and flap his little bitty wings. When we put him in the box I carried him in, he jumped out and we had to chase him all around the yard. When we had him cornered we tried to grab him and he put his beak in front me face and went "Cheep" as like he was saying "Get out my face!". But then,we caught him.It was very,very hard. Once he saw my dog and I put him by the dog's face and it snappped at it's nose!

Care: For now he lives in a big cardboard box since he is still a little baby. But soon we will get him a pen. He sleeps in my spare room across the hall and he likes it.

Resources: This is the best one I have seen yet and you can visit the forum Poultry Connection.

Advice: Do not use wire flooring (it can hurt their feet), use newspaper and put a rag or cloth over it, feed it twice a day every day, give it alot of water, and love it.

What my duck would say: "Hey! Get your hands off my food dish!"

Re: Live Ducks: This website is perfect just the way it is.
• 03-31-04

Name: becky 12
Number: two
Breeds: mallard, cinnomon teel
Names: ducky, peepers/peeps

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): the first duck, ducky, i found at the duck pond or park by my house. some kids stole all the baby ducks and gave me one. i told them to give them back but the moma duck was too flusterd and had flew away. so i got to keep her. that was one year ago in may.

my second duck,peeps or peepers i just got on sunday of this week, the 28 of march 2004. i got her at the same duck pond but this time i had a better reason. when i was there a dog had found a ducks nest and killed the mom and all of her babies except for one, peeps. i watched peeps for a while at the duck pond and found that all of the other ducks were chasing her away. so when she went to the side of the water, close to land i asked my mom if she would survive at such a young age, 1 day was her age at that time. my mom said probley not, so i decided to catch right then and there. thats how i got peeps.

Experiences: my mallard ducky has no health problems but has a case of a bad attitude. every month she starts laying eggs and acts all motherly about them. well she literally yells at us when we try to feed her and she has to eat. but it only lasts for three weeks then she goes back to normal. but it doesnt last for long the peace and quiet only lasts for 2 weeks till she gets moody again. peeps has no probems.

Care: ducky sleeps in a cage in our house, swims in the pond in our back yard, and eats worms and noodles. peeps sleeps in a cage in our house or in my bed, swims in our sink, and eats oatmeal, the plan kind.

What my duck would say: ducky would probly say" wheres my food!!!!" peeps would probly say, "i love you!!!!"
• 03-31-04

Name: Carol Lanning
Location: Trenton NJ
Referred by: on a farm
Number: Just 2
Names: Daffy and Tweeyy

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I was driving 1 day and saw a sign that said baby duck and other and eggs for sale!

Experiences: This is my 1st time that I got baby duck and I got them for my grandchildren for Easter Day.

Care: I got two baby ducks and they are in my home in a aquarium with a heat lamp to keep them warm. And water and starter crumblers up to four weeks of age

What my duck would say: I love you
• 03-31-04

Name: Kelley Keane, age:10
Location: United States
Number: 0, But I am getting one
Breeds: Mallard
Names: It is going to be Quacker

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I been studying ducks since 2003 and I love them! My mom said that I can get duck wallpaper for my room in the summer. The place where I am getting my duck is at Metzer farms duck and goose hatchery, and I am very excited!
• 03-31-04

Name: Deb Kney
Location: Rehoboth MA, US
Number: 1
Breeds: a mix duck (goes well with her mixed up humans!!)
Names: Quackers

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Hubby left early for work -- came screeching back up the driveway a minute later. "OK -- there is an injured duck out there. I know you'll find it and want to save it, too! Get me a towel and a box ..." that was over a year ago!! She gave new meaning to the term "guest" bathroom for 2 1/2 months ...

Experiences: Was I supposed to mention that she was HURT when we found her here?? We just kept her wounds clean (used saline and bacitracin), kept her in a safe place, lots of clean water and good food, LOTS of love!! Did a TON of research on the net ... got great help from other duck lovers!

Care: Quackers lives in her duck palace - a 10'x10' converted dog kennel. Chain link with an extra layer of hardware cloth 3' high around the perimeter so critters can't reach in and hurt her (it CAN happen!!). Has a chain link roof, too. Covered with tarps and plexiglass panels in the winter -- plus lots of bales and bundles and lose hay and straw. A kiddie pool is in her pen -- but she also comes out during the day to play -- runs around, flaps, swims in the once-fish-now-duck pond. Digs in the garden ... etc ... etc ... comes in to visit when she wants, but prefers being back outside. She's been with us about 14 months ... gonna find her a FRIEND this Spring!!

Resources: Here's her website. petducksrus yahoo group is awesome ... live ducks is excellent (you're here, so ya already know that!!) has some very knowledgeable people, too!

Advice: DON'T just buy one cuz they are cute!! and DON'T just think you can "set it free" in a pond one day -- that's a death sentence!! If you get a duck as a baby, it will imprint on you. If you get it later on, but love it and spend time with it, it will still bond with you. Either way, if you "set it free", you are abandoning it. It won't know what to do -- it'll be easy prey and it will die =( Never even imagined we'd have a pet duck ... can't imagine NOT having her!!

What my duck would say: What do you mean "IF"???? Can't you understand what yours says???!!! [ I'm enrolled in "DSL" - Ducklish as a Second Language! ]

Re: Live Ducks: Love it here!! if you do, too, why not donate a $1 thru paypal? Keep a good resource going!!
• 03-31-04

Name: Jessica Smith
Location: Montpelier, VT USA
Number: Don't own- go to park
Breeds: Mallards,Pekins, Muscovy & Canadian Geese
Names: Duckies @ Arglye Lake in NY

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): on Long Island in NY there is Argyle Lake. My boyfriend and I would go EVERY WEEKEND to feed them one (sometimes two) 50 pound bag(s) of all natural duck feed. As soon as we would drive up and get out of the car they would start quacking and running towards us. There are SO MANY that we get ingulfed with Duckies. Sometimes they are in the water and they swim fast (speedboating as well call it) towards us to eat. After the feeding is done, we sit down in an open spot and sit for a while and watch & Hear the duckies!

Experiences: We had a couple concerns. Once there was fishing line in a female mallard caught by their hook. I grabbed the wire and my boyfriend held her as I took out the hook. People should be more careful!!!

Care: Argyle lake has 3 lakes, 1 small, medium and large. There is a small island in the middle of the large one (we call Duckie Island). Most of the Pekins stay there until it is feeding time. There are lots of bugs and vegetation there for the duckies...but I know they love the all natural duck food that we feed them!

Resources: is BY FAR the best website that I have ever seen that cared about the duckies!

Advice: I don't own a duckie yet but I know ONE DAY I WILL!!!!! And don't forget, Duckies are for friends, not for eating!!!

What my duck would say: The Duckies at Argyle Lake would say "WE LOVE YOU JESSY & COREY!"

Re: Live Ducks: I think that if more people donated, LiveDucks wouldn't be in so much trouble. I love the site as it is, I can't ask for more ducky info because it is already provided!
• 03-28-04

Name: Aaron Wolfe
Location: Augusta, Kansas USA
Number: 4
Breeds: 1 indian runner 2 pekin and 1 blue hooked bill?
Names: baby duck, buckwheat, manny and egore

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): In a house and farm store orchelan (sp)

Experiences: When i got my ducks i had two. they were indian runners, but one of them died so i had just the one (baby duck) then about x-mas time my told that she couldn't keep her ducks anymore, because the people next door left there dog out and attacked them. She had the pekin, and the blue hooked bill. well it killed the rest of her ducks, and injured the blue hooked bill, it broke it wing. well i adopted them from her and now they are happy little campers

Care: They live in a a dog pin 6x10 it's huge! and they swim in a pool i dug for them it is also big! and they eat scarch grain and other duck food. there favorite food is popcorn rolly pollies,worms salad and apples

Advice: have time and patience!

What my duck would say: I love u!!

Re: Live Ducks: Nice site, very helpful
• 03-27-04

Name: carl ziemba
Location: Michigan
Number: 3
Names: harry, hermine, hagrid.

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): we have 4 acres,1 woods and a little pond,that was going to be a jacuse.about 4 by 4 with a cabin that i built next to it.8 by 12.they have been in my den for 4 weeks so they get alot of visits from my 10 year old and the rest.

Advice: get one of those cat litter boxes with the pull out screen thing,and put the water thing (whatever you use) on that.then you dont have such a mess to clean,and your ducks dont drink yuky water.

What my duck would say: I wish that kid washed his hands once in a

Re: Live Ducks: verry cool cant do it without ya
• 03-22-04

Name: Melissa McCartney
Location: California
Number: 2 males
Breeds: Cayuga
Names: Chino and Cohen

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Drove 2 hours down to Gonzales to purchase them from Metzer farms! Well worth the drive.

Experiences: I've only had my boys for 2 weeks but I'm completely smitten with them. Cohen is such a momma's boy and likes to sit on my feet and beg for treats (there isn't anything he wont do for some hard-boiled egg...including let me kiss his tummy). Chino on the other hand is a tough guy and would rather spend hours running in circles to avoid being touched than anything else. But he follows his brother about like a little downy shadow. I think I check on them 5 times a night and worry constantly for them while I'm at work.

Care: Right now they live in their brooder in the livingroom...but they have the backyard all to themselves once they're big duckies with a nice turtle shaped pool and turf to sunbathe on. While they are fond of their greens and pelleted mash it's all about the eggs for my boys. They even know what the egg tupperware looks like and will sit by the fridge and peep until someone caves in and gives them more.

Resources: I bought two books off Amazon, one is Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks. That gave me some diet tips and breed info I really found helpful. The other is Barnyard in your backyard. The best resource though is the book Enslaved by Ducks about Bob Tarte's life with his many rescued pets. That'll give you a clear sense of how much is involved in caring for pets.

Advice: They are messy! More so than you would imagine possible from such small little guys. It's worth it, but they will poo constantly and everywhere and they can get stinky if you keep them indoors for their first few weeks of life. Be sure to handle them a lot to get them used to you, feed them by hand so they aren't shy or nervous. And keep them safe from bad neighbor kitties until!

What my duck would say: Cohen: "Mommy! Where are you going Mommy? I'm hungry!" Chino: "What're you doing? Don't pick me up! No, no kisses!"

Re: Live Ducks: The tips on here are very helpful and I printed out the duck care section to help me choose a breed and know what to buy and how to prepare. Very helpful, thanks so much!
• 03-20-04

Number: 2





• 03-20-04

Name: Megumi Tsukamoto
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Number: 2
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Pie-chan and Amo-chan

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Pie-chan was in a small cage at a pet shop in the neighborhood last May. His sisters and brothers had been sold, and when I saw him, he was sitting alone in the cage, waiting for someone to give him warmth and food. The small, yellow duckling, weighing only 100 grams, just made me say "I want to buy this duckling". Amo-chan is a small Pekin drake, whom I adopted last November. He was abandoned by maybe someone who could not care for him anymore. He was suffering from coccidia colitis and malnutrition.

Experiences: Pie-chan is a quite large Pekin drake, weighing 8 pounds 13. He has often trouble with his nail of his big toe. Last October, he broke his right big toe's nail and this caused severe infection to his right leg. I took him to the vet every two days, and I re-realized that he is one of my most precious familiy members.

Care: Pie-chan mainly spends his time in our living room. The cage is about 6x4 feet. When he has a broken nail, I bathe him 3 or 4 times in the bathroom in clean water. When he doesn't have injuries, I put him together with Amo-chan, who mainly lives in a sunroom with a plastic pool inside, which he can walk in and out whenever he wants. I give him 100 grams of pellet food, green vegetables and one and a half tomatoes, some bloodworms, pill bugs, and some slugs and planarias a day. Amo-chan eats half the quantity.

Resources: My favorite book is "Avian Medicine".

Advice: I have to pay 300 to 400$ monthly for water supply, and 400$ for electricity. I wash 15 big towels a day. If you you want to keep your duck in the house, you should know that a duck costs much.

What my duck would say: Pie-chan: feed me! let me mate with you! Hey, you!! let me swim in the bath tub.! Amo-chan: Pie-chan, please stay by me, I will do anything for you if you wish,

Re Live Ducks: I love the "Live Duck Cam" This site is really marvellous!!
• 03-20-04

Name: hope (the duck girl)
Location: usa
Number: 4
Breeds: pekin and mallard
Names: tia .j.d. baby daisy

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): farm stores

Experiences: dog n love. takes for vet check ups

Care: poltry feed,safe human food,corn.swim in a pond and 2 creeks. live in coop at night,yard at day.

Resources: live ducks,my house

Advice: ducks need love and love to swim..u need 2 for a 100% happy duck.

What my duck would say: hey..wanna swim? can i come in the house? i love u! plese feed me!

Re: Live Ducks: i love it.u need to give us ur e mail..or add new stuff. i love ur site.
• 03-18-04

Name: Ariel Pfalzgraf
Location: Henderson, Nevada USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Mallard
Names: Pistashio

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I bought him from Metzer Farms hatchery. He was then a little duckling. Now he is full grown and a little sweetie pie. He weighs 3 pounds and loves the attention of people.

Experiences: Once then my mother's miniature poodle, Lula, was barking at some big dogs across the street while the front door was open. These dogs where not on leashes, and ran to our house. Pistashio was right by the door and scared to death! Luckily, these dogs where obedient, and did not go past our door, then stood there until their owner called them. But it was still scary; they could've ripped him to pieces!

Care: Pistashio stays inside. He thinks it is always cold outside, and when we do take him outside, he shivers until we wrap him up in his blankie. He eats duck food, and greens. But his favorite food of all is lettuce. He will eat lettuce as much as you give it to him.

Resources: here! :)
The Gooses Mother
Pet Duck Association

Advice: Please do not get a duckling because it is cute as a baby. All animals grow up eventually, and ducks much faster than others.

Also, choose your breed of duck wisely. Ducks breeds are like dog breeds; no 2 are exactly alike.

What my duck would say: "I Love You!" "Gimme a Kissie and Some Lettuce!"

Re: Live Ducks: Very nice site! i love this place. I check here often :)
• 03-14-04

Name: Rebecca age 12
Location: usa
Number: only 1
Breeds: Mallard
Names: Ducky!!!

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I was at the library duck pond by my house when some boys were taking some baby ducks. they took all the ones they caught home except for one that they dropped. She looked hurt so i took her home. Its now been about a year since i got my duck.

Experiences: One day my dad let her outside to go swimming when my dad left to get her food a cat came in our yard and jumped on Ducky. i heard ducky quacking and knew something was wrong. i ran outside with my dog and saw the cat. my dog chased down the cat while i tended to ducky. she wasn't hurt but she didn't want to go outside for a week.

Care: Ducky lives in our house in the kitchen. We got a 4 foot cage where she sleeps on cloth towels and news paper. Ducky swims in a 40 gallon pond on our property. we feed her worms once a day and pasta noodles about three times a day. Between meals she eats snails and small fish in our pond.

Advice: Don't spoil your duck, if you do you'll regret it!!

What my duck would say: " I am hungry, feed me feed me." and "Don't you dare walk away from me"
• 02-23-04

Name: S E Shaw
Location: Rio Vista, Texas, USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Muskovy
Names: PeePee

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Second week of this year (2004), my older sister had major surgery so I went to Houston to be with her and help her recov. She does animal rehab and while I was there this guy brought her an abandoned, day old, duckling. She couldnt care for it so I ended up doing it and fell in love. I brought it home to Rio Vista with me. I don't know what sex it is yet...doesnt matter.

Experiences: I'm just beginning my experiences. No health problems yet.

Care: PeePee is living in the house with me and my boys cause we have lots of stray dogs on our property plus our own dog. The baby duck follows me everywhere I go and if I get out of sight it hollers like crazy. I try to stay off the carpet areas as much as possible and have papertowels ready at all times. I try to let the baby swim in a tub of water once a day but it doesn't seem to care for that much, yet, it clings to my hand and scrambles to try and get out of the tub. At night I put the baby in my garden tub. I put newspaper with papertowels over that and cut up sheets and teeshirts for bedding. PeePee sleeps cuddled next to one of my fuzzy houseshoes that I use to where, but he yells until I turn out the lights and shut the door. I began giving PeePee chick starter until I read on your site not to give baby ducks medicated chick feed so until I can get to the feed store I'm feeding it ground up dried dog and cat food with grass, what ever chopped up veggies I can find and lots of fresh water. It seems to try to eat anything and everything.


Advice: Research, research, research, this site has been of great help to me so far!

What my duck would say: Hey!!! Where did you go?!?!

Re: Live Ducks: Thank you, so much for being here. Even though my sister does animal rescue she mainly does squirrels and she did not have much info on ducks. This is the best site I found with the most information on ducks. I had never even heard of a Muskovy before and I found links with pictures and info from your site.
• 01-27-04

Name: Chrissie
Location: USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Pekin
Names: Bueler

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): One summer a wild duck showed up at our local pool. She stayed with us for a while, but in the end, she flew away. Ever since, I have been in love with ducks. I begged my parents FOR EVER for a duck. As a surprise, they secretly got two for my sister and I. I was so excited. Sadly, one day we found that a possum had killed one.

Experiences: When the possum I mentioned before killed one of the ducks, we resolved never to let that happen again. My dad had built a very nice cage, so we began putting my duck in that for the night. For everyone who is reading this, if you don't put your duck in a cage for the night, DO IT! YOUR DUCK WILL NOT SURVIVE OTHERWISE!

Care: My dad also built a pen out of soft fencing for my duck. Most of the time, however, we let him play around our yard. He doesn't leave the yard often. In his pen, we have a baby pool that we keep filled. He loves it! We keep bowls of water filled at all times. My duck eats chicken feed that we buy at a livestock store. [ Use only non-medicated feed; food designed for ducks is always best. ]

Resources: There is one book that I recommend. It is called Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks. It includes everything you could possibly need to know and more.

Advice: Be very gentle with your duck, and provide fresh water and food at all times. Also, like I said before, be sure to put your duck in a cage for the night.

Re: Live Ducks: This website is the best I have found on ducks so far!
• 01-26-04

Name: Tom DuBose
Location: New Jersey
Number: 5
Breeds: 2 muscovys, 2 pekin, and a canadian goose
Names: Donald, Mr. Peepers, Frick, Frack, and Lone Star

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I have always wanted ducks and one year i finally got them. I got them at a great farm in Sparta, NJ when they were a day old.

Experiences: My ducks live in my pond in my backyard and they love it there. I only got 4 to start but then a canadian goose flew in the winter and has stayed since. This winter my two muscovys started to freeze and they had ice on their feathers. I brought them in the basement of my house and when they got warmer they were fine.

Care: My ducks live in my backyard. I have a huge pond that they love to swim in. I give them regular duck food I get at Agway ( the local feed store ). They LOVE lettuce.

Resources: is one of the BEST sites!!

Advice: Ducks are ALOT of fun but they are VERY VERY messy. Make sure before you get the ducks or duck that you have researched alot about the breed and how to take care of them.

What my duck would say: I wish I could waddle faster!

Re: Live Ducks: Live ducks is a GREAT website. I think they should put more pictures of the breeds and more breeds.
• 01-24-04

Name: amber sipiczky
Location: tarpon springs, florida,usa
Number: none yet
Breeds: ??
Names: not sure

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): i will by them at the end of feb. at a feed store

Experiences: i was wondering how often i feed my duck during the day and what is recommended for feeding it and if i should bathe them and where i can by a "diaper" and harnes for the duck and what kind should i use to keep it warm when its a baby

Care: inside until its old enough to be in the back yard


Re: Live Ducks: made me think alot if i wanted a duck and gave me helpful info :)
• 01-23-04

Name: Amelia
Location: Kingston, Washington USA
Number: 1
Breeds: Greylag
Names: Louise

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): Everyone in my class started having a favorite animal so I decided I would like ducks.In Nov. of 2003 I moved into a new house and there was a duck there!!!! I was really excited!! I found out from our neighbor that the duck had the same middle name as me.

Experiences: No Health Problehms

Care: in the pond at my house she eats corn grain

Resources: google has cool pictures of them

What my duck would say: I LOVE YOU

Re: Live Ducks: it is the coolest!!
• 01-21-04

Name: stephanie gary
Location: diamond bar, ca
Number: 1
Breeds: pekin
Names: Quacky

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): quacky was abandoned in a walmart parking lot as a very young duckling. I rescued and raised her and she has been the best friend i've ever had. and so cute too!

Experiences: take away the eggs after they are laid. Quacky once got very protective over the nest and didn't leave it for about 2 days and she barely ate any of her food during this time

Care: roams in the backyard, has 3 baby pools and a pond, sleeps in a pen during the night

Resources: this website has been the most informative yet

Advice: be prepared to make a huge commitment! Ducks are lovable pets but you have to make the effort.

What my duck would say: "STAY WITH ME! DONT LEAVE!"

Re: Live Ducks: this is a great website
• 01-21-04

Name: lauren sulkosky
Location: puyallup Washington
Number: 2
Breeds: mallard & pekin
Names: tiny & sunny

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): well ducks are my favorite Animal. So about last May i bought them. When I was 9

Experiences: they love me very much.

Care: food pellets

Resources: web, books

Advice: don't keep your door open

What my duck would say: (sunny) get over here & stop being a show off
• 01-14-04

Name: Amy caldwell
Location: florida USA
Number: 3
Breeds: muscovy
Names: there's lots of names

How You Acquired Your Duck(s): I found this duck when he was a baby see there were two nests and they hatched at the same time and the mother left behind 2 eggs which hatched then i kept them the next morning i had to go to school and their mom wanted them back so i let them go and was sad then i heard peeping and found a little baby duck with half of a wing and he grew up and is a handsome male now.

Experiences: I visit my ducks in our backyard and they just roam all over our yard and do what they want.

Care: my ducks eat and drink near their baby pool.

Advice: don't handle them too much.

What my duck would say: I love you.

Re: Live Ducks: I love your guys website.
• 01-11-04

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