Baby Trouble and Munchkin
Baby Buffs
Trouble and Munchkin
Tank's Release into the Pond
Thunder Bunny

Live Ducks has so many videos for you to watch and enjoy! This page will be updated whenever time permits.

NOTE: The first time you download the videos they might appear choppy and sound may not be synchronized with the picture. That's normal, since these are large files. After the first time you view them, the videos should play at normal speed. Full video size is 640x480 and DSL is best for normal viewing.

First Day Home10-17-057.52MB
    First Romp10-22-0517.47MB
    First Outdoor Swim11-01-054.64MB
    Another Swim11-01-059.07MB
    Yet Another Swim11-06-0511.15MB
    Teasing Munchkin11-07-054.87MB

Pool Party Part I07-21-055.31MB
    Pool Party Part II07-23-053.54MB
    Pool Party Part III07-23-051.32MB
    Pool Party Part IV07-25-055.22MB
    Round Up08-01-054.64MB
    Sprinkler Fun Part I08-01-055.09MB
    Super Groomer08-01-051.99MB
    Sprinkler Fun Part II08-01-052.65MB
    Patio Play08-01-053.10MB
    First Swim in the Big Pond08-05-051.77MB
    Back in the Pen Pool08-05-051.54MB
    Another Swim in the Big Pond Part I08-08-053.32MB
    Another Swim in the Big Pond Part II08-08-051.99MB
    The Ducks are in the House08-08-052.87MB
    Ducks in a Row08-17-056.19MB


Tank's Launch07-22-051.77MB

Thirsty Thunder11-10-054.64MB

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