Previously owned ducks can make wonderful additions to your flock or a great "starter pet"
If you are considering adoption it can be a great option. After you've done your homework and read my article Are You Ready For a Duck, you may wish to consider this responsible path to duck ownership. Many adoption-ready ducks have been hand-raised, are people friendly and ready to bring so much joy to your family! To find a rehabber or adoption agency please refer to my Help & Rescue page.

Be smart and choose to do the right thing!
Before you do anything, please (please!) take 5 minutes to read my Live Ducks Special Report that focuses on an epidemic experts call Duck Dumping. There are critical reasons learning more about what you think may be best for the duck as well as viable alternatives you may not be aware of that can protect your community's health and safety.

If you have a problem keeping your duck, you're not alone, don't panic. STOP!!! Do not dump it into the wild!! Call a rescue organization or local animal shelter first to explore responsible options.

How you can help...
Any facility that helps you place your pet for adoption will appreciate it if you donate cash and supplies and take a moment to give them a heartfelt hug to let them know how much you appreciate the great work they do for all of us. Some agencies, like the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) have an Adopt a Bird Program which includes orphaned ducklings. Both the Northern and Southern California facilities are always looking for volunteers and interns.

If you know of any adoption agencies please let us know through Facebook or Twitter.

Do your part to make your duck's life safer, happier, better

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