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Michael Bernstein
Just wanted you to know that I loved your site
• 12-12-01

And first of all I have to tell you your Duck Cam looks great, I wish I could have an area like that for my baby ducks...I do value your opinions and all 4 of my ducks just love spinach and leaf lettuce, this is in their diet daily now :0) Di

• 12-07-01

Rebecca Barnard
love your website!
• 11-05-01

Hi Guys, I want to thank you for including my baby duck pics online! Your web-site looks great! Thanks for all your help in helping to care for my babies.......Di
• 09-25-01

I brought up the duck cam to see what the duck was up too and she/he was looking right into the web cam a beautiful close up pic! There is never a dull moment with the ducks huh? :0) Thought you might want to check it out!
• 09-24-01

lol schweeeeet
• 09-18-01

Di McIlrath
I know you guys are humans and not ducks but you seemed to have plenty of experience with these cute little guys! PS - I DO ENJOY WATCHING YOUR WEB CAM!
• 09-11-01

Cat Robson
Oroville, WA
I have really enjoyed the duck cam. Thanks for a great site. Ducks rule!!
• 09-08-01

Amy Groleau
I found your site while looking up runner ducks on the web. I am now completely addicted to the duck cam! My co-worker & I have fallen in love with Trouble & Mischief. We work at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology at Harvard University. With the time difference between California & Massachusetts, we log on to the duck cam when we arrive at work and get to see the sunrise (the ducks are quite active at dawn). We were wondering if you had any plans for additional camera angles or a wider view of the water. Also, we would like to send the ducks some treats. Is this possible? Thanks so much for the opportunity to meet your adorable ducks and for sharing their lovely home!
• 09-07-01

What a fun site you have. I just love it :) I have put a link to this site on my homepage, it just fits so well in there. The ducks are so cute :)
• 08-22-01

Hello, I must say how I love your site. It is so fun!
• 07-31-01

I love your site, thanks for the information...
• 06-15-01

• 06-15-01

Crispy and Jemima
Just wanted to say hello from the UK. Our human mum and dad told us about your site and we think its great that Trouble and Mischief have a world wide audience. We'll keep visiting the site to watch you.
• 04-13-01

Gloria J. Shirar
Bristol, PA
I just love your site, I think I will mark it and come back, see you later
• 04-12-01

Julie Carr
We love your Duck Cam!
• 03-26-01

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