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Di and Davey's Quackspeditions

Di and Davey McIlrath take Nosiey on the road 

In Di's Own Words

Traveling with my Nosiey is something....He has traveled with us to Florida three times now. We are fortunate to have a conversion van which we fold the bench seat down in the back and put his "pink" kids plastic pool in.

In his pool is a rug, newspapers "of course", his pillow with a towel (I go through alot of his towels and newspapers), Puppy (his lil friend) food and water and of course his MIRROR! we don't leave home with out this and he just enjoys, relaxes, quacks when he wants, sleeps when he wants.

I do bring him up in the front of the van with davey and I, he sits on my lap on a towel of course and just sleeps, watches and quacks.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen people looking at me and Nosiey just laughing and the kids just love it, they all have the look of total amazement! There is a duck in that van! That is how our Nosiey travels to Florida and other places.

We have never had to stay in a motel but this past trip I did take Nosiey to the vets just to get a certificate of health for him in case we had to go to a "pet" friendly motel, some family members don't approve of a duck in the house! I called a hotel in the area we would be at and they said the "pet" needed a "certificate of health" in order to stay.

I believe they can be only like 10 days before travel. Yes it is a vet fee but it is worth it to have just in case you need to stay in a public place. You see Pap in Naples Florida doesn't mind seeing his grand-duckie! His neighbors in the retirement park just love him!

Now my other 8 unfortunately they do not get to go to Florida. This is a heartbreaker for me let me tell ya!

But they get to go camping with me in the summer to my dad's camp. We have a Dodge Dakota pick up with a cap on and a bed liner in it, my neighbor gets me these very big boxes that once I take apart it fits perfectly in the back of the truck bed, then I fill the truck with "straw" and put food and water back there too.

They seem fine and of course I check on them every possible chance just to be sure everything is ok it is a 2 hour ride (longer with them coz I take my time).

Clearwater Beach, Florida   Venice Beach, Venice, Florida

Looking through the window they are just laying down enjoying the ride I guess, there isn't alot of quacking just a little every now and then. After we get to camp we have one of those white car port things which is outlined with chicken fence and it is filled with straw, a pool, food and water and of course lotsa my attention!!! Better than being home alone.

Once in their "Playground" at camp, I replace the straw in the truck for their bed at night, this way they are locked up from preditors, yes there are windows and I am near by with one ear tooned in!

I have to tell you at the beginning I had Ralphie, Cheech & Chong (2 girls 1 boy). I have a Honda CRX, and my baby ducks were 2 months old when they went camping. It was funny, they were in their pool and that particular car is all window in the back I kept an eye on them, curious as to how they would take the ride and every so often I would see all three of them duck! It was comical it was like AUTOMATIC! Here, I finally realized what was happening, every time we went underneath an under pass they ducked! I am totally serious! You see I had never experienced anything like this before, I always had a dog.

En route to Florida
Now tell me if Nosiey and I know how to
shorten a long trip...

As for Amtrak, the train they do not permit pets on board or in your car on the auto train, I haven't figured this one out yet??

As for the airplane I have considered doing this with Nosiey (no not all of them could you just imagine how much ALL THOSE TICKETS would cost me but I do not know how his ears would handle the popping, any one have any pointers? Coz I have seriously wanted to take him on a plane, I don't know if I could leave Nosiey with anyone else but me or Davey coz I do not know what his reaction would be! Now please note Nosiey would be right beside me in a seat not in the pet area I couldn't do that.

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