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Taking your duck on short trips

Getting your duck to the vet

Get your car and your gear ready before you load up the duck. That's common sense, of course, but being prepared will save you and your duck alot of extra steps and travel trauma.

If your duck is going a short distance, like to the vet for a checkup, and it's a straightforward route, a cage should be fine. Put a blanket over the cage completely to prevent poop from flying. Chances are, your duck will poop, and you don't want that all over your back seat or cargo area, trust me!

If your duck is injured or ill, wrap him securely (tight enough to keep his wings from flapping but not too tight!) and hold him in your lap while someone else drives. Never attempt to transport your duck this way while driving. Keep a box or cage with a blanket to cover him once you reach the destination. An injured domestic duck may further injure himself if put in a cage or box while in transit. Stops, starts, turns and bumps in the road are better handled when you have him wrapped in a large towel or blanket on your lap in the passenger seat. It depends on the situation, so use common sense and keep your safety and the duck's well being in mind.

Make sure the driver is not speeding or rushing to the vet in an emergency. If you get in an accident it will only further complicate the situation and even may even kill your duck if you lose hold of him. Some of you are rolling your eyes by now and saying "duh!", but you'd be surprised how fast higher thinking goes out the window when you're stressed or worried about your pet. Believe me I've been there.

Above all, stay calm, talk to your duck in a soothing voice. Stroke his head and keep a positive attitude. That will help you stay in control too. Your pets know when you're upset and will react to any negative emotions, so keep that in mind while in the car and in the waiting room.

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