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What's up with Live DucksWhat's Up? Duck!

Preventable Newbie Mistakes
News Item  Are you new to duck ownership? The Care & Health section is a great place for any new duck owner to start and you'll find more information about feeding wild ducks (and why you shouldn't!).

Even though Easter is long gone for this year, and this was written ages ago, my Duckling Care Flyer is still a good information source. Print out a few copies and hand it to pet store owners who sell ducklings. Make sure it gets into the hands of people thinking they might get a duckling for their kids or themselves. It is designed to resemble a shopping list and it sneaks in some vital information that might make some think twice about what's involved in duck care. In a perfect world we'd put an end to dumped ducks, but as long as it remains a billion dollar indutry, farming ducks, chicks, bunnies and other cute 'n cuddly animals for quick profits will prevent that from happening.

The Ads Are Coming
News Item  Forgive me in advance but in order to keep Live Ducks online I'm going to have to bring the ads back. We just went through a major server upgrade and it was not "cheep cheep"! Hey, it's pretty cool that we've been doing this for EIGHTEEN YEARS! Creakin' a little but still goin' forward!

Safe Snacks 'n Treats
News Item  This is a tough subject because like you, I know how much we all love to spoil our pets with treats. Sometimes these so-called treats are unhealthy, and even though our pets appear to "beg" for them, they don't know how harmful they are to their health and that they're dramatically shortening their lives.

One of the most common "bad treats" is pasta. It's cute to watch a duck slurp up a strand of spaghetti, and there's no denying that they love it, but it is every bit as bad as bread for your duck - maybe much worse. For years we've known (and I've preached) that bread, chips, crackers and other human snacks are harmful and eventually fatal to domestic and wild ducks.

Attempting to gently educate I've snuck in a comment or two on our Live Ducks Facebook group when people mention feeding pasta to their ducks. It unfailingly results in retorts: "But my ducks just love it, and I'm only giving it to them as a treat, not as a staple diet!" Your ducks might love it but YOU are responsible for their health and care. Some foods, even in small quantities can be harmful to the long-term health of your duck. Their digestive systems are not nearly as forgiving as ours.

Most people do not realize that ducks actually get "fat" on the inside. They do not usually show outward signs of ill health until it's too late. By the time your duck starts acting sick or showing symptoms it's often too late to reverse the damage.

It boils down to this: If you love your duck and want to avoid costly vet bills and potentially losing your duck to an early death, please do not feed them forbidden snacks like bread and pasta.

For a partial list of ideal, healthy and FUN snacks for your ducks, please see my Care & Health page. Go to "Food" from the menu on the "Care" page and scroll down to "Treats".

When in doubt, leave it out!

One Last Item on Food . . .
News Item  Seasonal gardens are a great place to source good, fresh food for your ducks - tomatoes, carrot and celery tops, and don't forget the worms. Just be sure not to give your ducks anything treated with pesticides or chili peppers or onions or citrus fruits...you get the idea! :>

Milestones for Live Ducks
News Item  Welcome to Live Ducks! I'm excited to bring you live streaming video along with our "Vintage Duck Cam".

It realllllly helps me cover the cost of bringing you this website when you click on an ad or two while you're here.

Stay up to the minute by joining our Facebook Group. And remember, Live Ducks is all about PET ducks and the people who appreciate and enjoy the antics of these remarkable creatures.

Thank you for being a loyal supporter of Live Ducks!
~ Lori

Quack! Quack! What's New?

Hi There Duck Peeps! Lots of New News
News Item  W H E R E   H A V E   I   B E E N ?
We have more than 1300 members on our Live Ducks Facebook group with people from all over the globe talking, sharing photos and the mutual love of our ducks! WOWWWW! :> It's important for people to find us and use this rich resource so please pass us on!

I am now working 10 hour days in my own business and have had very little time to work on my "pet" projects. I hope that changes but until it does, thank you for understanding why I haven't been as engaged in the day-to-day ducky operations like updating this website often enough!

News Item  S O C I A L   M E D I A   U P D A T E
Look to your right >> on the Duck World menu there's a link to our Facebook page.

Please let your ducky friends know that Live Ducks website is going strong and continues to deliver the best and most complete website for duck care.

Also worth nothing is www.liveducks.com works nicely on smart phones and tablets too!

News Item  M A I L I N G   A D D R E S S   C H A N G E
If you'd like to send me "snail mail" to say "hi" or make a donation to Live Ducks here is my mailing address:

  Lori Goodman / Live Ducks
  PO Box 631
  Troy, Montana

I look forward to hearing from you!   :>

Quack-quack, have a great day!
~ Lori
Donations are welcome!

Image Copyright © Lori Goodman
All Rights Reserved

It's Playtime!   New "Toys" Section on Liveducks Care page!
News Item  Who doesn't love toys! Maybe I love kids so much because I get to play with toys like a kid again without raising too many eyebrows!   :>

Equally fun for me as a freelance web designer is adding new information to the Live Ducks website. Today's addition was particularly delightful. I added a new sub-section called Toys in the Behavior section of the Care & Health page. You can use the Topics Index menu at the top of that page or jump to it from here.

Wait, before you go... if you have any ideas or stories about your ducks playing with toys, please share them on our Facebook group page. Happy playtime!

New or Seasoned We All Can Learn
News Item  Every year duck dumping is on the rise. You can become part of the solution with minimal effort.

If you have a pet duck you can't keep

Most "impulse pets" are bound for a bad end when people don't take the time to learn BEFORE they take the adorable critter home. Bad, sad feelings, ponds and waterways polluted, natural resources and wild ducks compromised...it's hard to get your head around how complex these problems have become.

If you are one of the many who have a pet you can't keep, you must consider any option other than dumping it. There are humane alternatives that may take some legwork to work out - it's well worth your time to educate yourself on the basics and do the right thing. Please don't contribute to this enormous problem.

Live Ducks Special Easter Report
Read Live Ducks Special Report

If you wish to learn more my Articles page has information on a variety of subjects relating to this crisis. Use what you learn to solve your own crisis then teach others to be more responsible.

Interact With Live Ducks
News Item  Don't forget Live Ducks group on Facebook. If you are new to duck ownership or considering a duck as a pet, you can learn a lot and have your questions answered by experienced, helpful (and really nice) people. If you are an experienced duck person, please stop by periodically to share your expertise to help those starting out. We were all there once.

Many thanks to all the contributors to our Live Ducks group on Facebook who show their duck photos, videos and join in the many topics of discussion. It's wonderful to have such a dynamic place that we can all gather to share information, help each other and enjoy the wonderful world of ducks! If you haven't been there yet, try this link or do a search for "Live Ducks" in Facebook groups. We also have a Live Ducks fan page where you can show your support by becoming a fan of Live Ducks!

Live Ducks is Too Tweet!
News Item  You can now follow Live Ducks on Twitter by clicking on the button below the main menu. Or how about here:

That's easy! Please join my Live Ducks group on Facebook and show your support on Live Ducks page by becoming a fan. No obligation or cost, just duck friends from around the globe getting together to share free, interactive fun and information about ducks.

  Smile, every day is a ducky day!

Funny Things Our Ducks Do
News Item  What are some of the hilarious things your duck does that has you quacking up? Share your funny stories on Live Ducks group's new topic on Facebook! Christine's story about her "airplane duck" is a riot! See photos like this one, and many more! Add yours too! And join the numerous discussions if you like. Hope to see ya there!
Visit Live Ducks on Facebook

What's for dinner, Mom?
courtesy of Christine - Live Ducks Facebook group photo album

Let's Give it Up for Diane!
News Item  Diane McIlrath has been a loyal, long time supporter and friend of Live Ducks. Over the years she has grown to be one of my dearest friends. I would like to take a moment to say thank you to Diane for providing the live feed for the Live Ducks Duck Cam for more than a year. She does such a terrific job and her efforts bring so much joy to all of us duck fans around the globe. She changes the camera angles, makes sure the camera and software is working properly, and I know from experience that's not an easy task! Thank you Diane, you are the simply the BEST!

Pond Wars Ducks    
Calling All Ducks! Calling All Ducks!
News Item  If you love ducks (and I know you do!), Just Ducks has the BEST selection of ducky gifts and collectibles I've ever seen, with new items arriving all the time.

I've just revisited his website recently and was that ever a treat! I could spend hours just looking and "quacking up" at all the amazing ducks! While you're there, be sure to check out his "Duck Pond" where people (including me) have sent in their rubber duck collection photos. Some of them are astounding!

To see his ducks in action, check out this great video: March of the Ducks

David's ducks are not mainstream "easy to find" ducks per se. Some of them are discontinued or rare, so get them while you can.

David personally packs everything with extreme care and can send to pretty much anywhere including the U.S. Take it from me, a longtime customer, and a lifetime friend, if you want a first class gift, or a treat for yourself, you can't go wrong. Who wouldn't love a duck that represents their own unique personality? Be sure to tell him Lori from Live Ducks sent you!

Winner of the "Totally Adorable" Award
News Item  Even ducklings like to visit Live Ducks!

Too cute! 
Pixie and Poppet enjoy Live Ducks Photo Gallery

Going Green Together
News Item  The Green Road newsletter now has its very own page! You will find the "Jump To" link on the menu at the top of this webpage. I generally update it seasonally, and I am adding a list of links to the page so you can catch up on resources you may have missed.
click here to go to the Green Road Newsletter now [opens a new window]

Where are the Peabody Duck Pictures?
News Item  Oh no, where'd they go? Don't worry, I've moved my Peabody Hotel visit story and photos permanently to my articles page (see "Fun With Learning Mixed In"). You can also access the Peabody webpage using the link following the news story about Peabody Ducks on this page. Or, if you are just too excited and can't wait to see it again, just click here. [opens a new window]   :>

Your Donations Really Help
News Item  We rely on help from you to keep doing what we do here at Live Ducks.

Please Help Live Ducks Survive


It has cost us tens of thousands of dollars to keep this website online for over a decade. The information and entertainment value continues to grow and is hands down the best you will find on the Web. I'm only asking for a little help from each of you - just one dollar . . .

Take the "Spend a Buck for a Duck" challenge. Please help today so we can continue educating future generations of duck lovers and domestic duck owners!!!

Send ONE DOLLAR to Lori Goodman / Live Ducks
P.O. Box 631
Troy, MT 59935-0631

Please just send one dollar, that's all I ask for your continued use of my website.

Get Smart!
News Item  Yearn to Learn | Need to Read
Us "eggsperts" from all over the planet have been trying to educate humans for many years now that domestics and wild ducks are NOT THE SAME! Live Ducks Fans know the drill, of course. But, just in case you need a refresher course or are new around here you can learn about duck differences right smack-dab on this website. My article: "Breaking the Bread Habit" explains in simple terms why domestics and wild ducks are not to be confused.

Teachers & Educators
Teachers, you should learn and have your kids study a couple of articles from this website. Get other expert opinions before you attempt a classroom hatching project.

Educate Yourself
Whatever you do in this world we share with amazing and beautiful animals, above all use a bit of common sense and be responsible. Refrain from feeding animals that are not kept as your own pets. Teach your kids and others to admire animals from afar so animals can continue to live in the beauty of their own natural surroundings. And unless you're a trained wildlife expert or rehabilitator: "Always leave wildlife in the wild."

*** Only trained wildlife experts should intervene if there are situations that require help.

"A fed duck is a DEAD duck"
ANY Wildlife you feed is a dead friend indeed. Don't rely on my word, ask any wildlife expert or look it up on the Internet for yourself to learn how feeding ANY wildlife is deadly to all species, including us humans. Countless programs are in place (most awaiting major funding) to get the word out Officially.

Avian Flu Updates
News Item  Concerned about Avian Flu? The buzz may have died down a bit, but the threat isn't gone. Be smart by educating yourself. Keep up on the latest updates...

IMPORTANT: Get your facts straight from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Department of State websites. See travel warnings, fact sheets, commonly asked questions about the bird flu and much more. Also see WebMD.com for information about medications that may (or may not) prevent or treat, but are cited by authorities as reliable. Just the facts, Ma'am.
Jump to Click HereDuck News Articles on this Page

Have You Donated Yet?
News Item  Live Ducks relies on donations for survival, so please help if you can. Though my VIQ program has been suspended for awhile, you can still sneak in a question when you make a donation. Thanks for helping! :>

Live Ducks Tip Jar

Live Ducks Tip Jar

Buzz on the street........................
Get my duckling care flyers into your
local pet stores.
Get off your keister,
print flyers to help ducks. DO IT NOW
What's the Buzzz???

Problem keeping your duck? STOP!!! Do not dump it into the wild!!
Before you do anything, call a rescue organization or local animal shelter to explore responsible options.

Thou Shalt Not Dump!
News Item  Domestic duck breeds can NOT be dumped into the wild or urban waters if they don't work out. Read "Are You Ready For a Duck?" to find out the real facts about duck ownership - not exactly the stuff the pet shops tell ya to sell ya...

If your duck is injured or sick see a vet right away!!!
NEVER rely on any online resource for help in an emergency

Emergency care for anyone - DUCKS included:
- Stop the bleeding
- Calm the victim
- Call for professional help
- Get away from any danger

If it's not an emergency situation, try my Help & Rescue page for common sense ideas on how to find help. Lack of money is not an acceptable excuse to delay treatment. A good vet will work with you.

Before you bring a duck home or get involved with one:

Read my articles on these and other important subjects:
• Are you Ready for a Duck?
• Giving up Your Ducks? Wait Just a Second!
• Giving Ducks as a Gifts (A must read)
• Breaking the Bread Habit
• Feeding Wild Ducks - Why you shouldn't

Do your part to make a duck's life safer, happier, better

[ Stories not published on this website open a new window ]

Quack! Worth Quacking About
:::: Articles I've written are now in their own section called Articles. See "Duck World" (menu to your right) or click here.
Please note I have focused on ducks, particularly the domestic variety, and I publish stories that are positive or containing information that will help you as a duck owner.

January 18, 2009

News Item  Truckin' Duck | Minnesota Trucker's Pet Duck Hits the Road
"The view through the window begs all sorts of questions."
Full Story

May 20, 2008

News Item  Downtown Duck Hero | Spokane Man is a Hero in the Eyes of His Sisterd
"Joel watched as the first fuzzy newborn toddled to the edge and astonishingly leapt into thin air, crashing onto the cement below."
Full Story

June 15, 2008

News Item  Tax Assessor Mistakes Barn for House | Ducks are Hanson's Number One Passion
"She has a variety of ducks who live on her property as pets, with many more wild ducks dropping in during the day because the perks are so good."
Full Story

May 30, 2006

News Item  Student imprints with Pekin duck | A man and his dog, a girl and her....duck?
"I couldn't leave her alone . . . she would quack nonstop until she saw me."
Full Story

January 10, 2006

News Item  Avian Flu | CDC Reports What You Should Know
• Key Facts   • Infection in Humans   • Questions & Answers   • Avian Flu FAQ (From World Health Organization)
Full Story

December 29, 2005

News Item  Avian Flu Fact Sheet | US Department of State
"A number of countries have reported cases of avian influenza, commonly referred to as 'bird flu' in their domestic and wild bird populations."
Full Story

February 15, 2004

News Item  Bread and Ducks Don't Mix | Poor Diet Attributed to Fatalities
"Ducks and other birds gobble the stuff up like candy until they are full...death can come in a matter of months".
Full Story

April 16, 2003

News Item  Business Wire | CDC reports baby ducks may cause salmonella
"As the CDC report shows, farmyard or pet chicks and ducklings are also a risk, especially for children."
Full Story

[ Stories not published on this website open a new window ]

The Duckman of D.C.

      Mid-Atlantic Living Magazine Cover

News Item  Ted Woynicz, known as The Duckman of D.C. was featured in Southern Living Magazine. Find out what Ted does for the prestigious ducks of our Nation's Capital. Read all about it

Peabody Ducks

Peabody Ducks

News Item  The world famous Peabody ducks strut their stuff and maintain a famous hotel tradition. How do they get those ducks from the lobby fountain to their rooftop home? (Too bad about the popup ads, but it's still worth seeing.)
Full story
Photo Gallery
Story and video of our visit to the Memphis Peabody Hotel

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